Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Belated Manicure: Julia

Apologies for being M.I.A. with the Manicure Monday post yesterday. I had a bit of a manicure mishap. I got my nails done on Saturday, and by Sunday night, they were completely ruined. I mean chipped like a five-day manicure. Three out of five nails were missing half their polish. I'm giving Julep the benefit of the doubt. I can usually get a manicure to last three days or so before any minor chips. The destruction on my nails yesterday was atrocious. I think it's because the manicurist didn't use a real base coat. 

Regardless, I wanted the chance to redo my nails because I thought this polish was pretty enough to share with you fresh (not a botched attempt to fix the shoddy manicure). So, without further ado, I give you Julep Julia. 

I picked this one out as an add on to my December Maven box, and I received it a few days after my Maven box arrived. I really like this color. It seems rather unique. It's a beautiful lavender-grape with a duo-chrome gold shimmer. Such a pretty combination. I love how this isn't a purple shimmer that simply enhances the base color. Instead, it's a lovely complementary shade that makes the polish literally sparkle. 

The first coat goes on a little sheer and mildly streaky, but once you top it with a second coat it all evens out and looks fantastic. Now I just have to see if the sub par lasting power was a fluke and indicative of a crappy manicure job or if this polish is more prone to chipping. I really think it's the former though. 

What do you think of this shimmery color? I think it would be quite appropriate if anyone plans to attend Mardi Gras this year (or anytime really) - perhaps with a cute green accent nail. 

UPDATE: I was right. Julia lasted much longer once I did the manicure myself. I got a good four days of wear before any big noticeable chips. That's a huge difference from my less-than-48-hour manicure experience. Another indication that I got a shoddy job: My pedicure chipped in three days. I never have a pedicure chip that fast. I usually have to change the polish before it chips because it's been on for too long and if I don't it will start to look overgrown. So, fear not, you won't get this polish and experience less than stellar wear. 

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