Monday, December 24, 2012

Manicure Monday: Carmen & Jordan

Happy holidays everyone! Thought I'd give you a little gander at my holiday manicure. Gotta represent the Christmas spirit with some bright red nails, and I thought no other color would suit me better today than Zoya Carmen because she's fiery. Best way to describe her: she's a creme finish in a fire engine red. Bright like a sports car and absolutely gorgeous. To give her some pizazz, I decided to pair her up with Jordan, who I think brings some fun sparkle into the mix.

The color pay off you're seeing in each is a result of two coats. They both definitely need it. Carmen it hot, but she's makes me think of a jelly formula. A little sheer with one coat, but great once you build her up. Same with Jordan, but that's expected with most glitters. Two coats give you the coverage you see in the bottle.

What do you think? I'm toying with a full on Jordan manicure for New Years. Gasp! You read that right, I may just go full on glitter. I like Jordan that much.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas eve and day!

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