Saturday, January 26, 2013

Review: L'Oreal Caresse Wet Shine Lip Stain

You may be seeing a lot of new products out at the drugstore lately. If you're anything like me, you're both curious and excited. Well, I'm here to help satisfy some of that curiosity by testing out some products for you so you can avoid a little trial and error. That way, you can just be excited.

One of the newer products out on the market is the L'Oreal Caresse lip stains. The gorgeous gold packaging and the pretty array of colors might have you gravitating toward the display. I know I find myself admiring them, even after I took one of them home - Infinite Fuschia to be precise (#187).

They retail for $9.99 at most drugstores and claim to be "the lip stain that thinks it's a gloss." It's supposed to give you fantastic color pay off and shine and offer moisturizing lasting power. It's made with 30 percent water to help with the hydration factor.

So does it deliver? After wearing it a few times I've gotta say it hits and misses, here's why:


  • It definitely delivers on color pay off and shine
  • The color you see displayed is the color you'll get on your lips
  • It's long lasting and the shine and color stay with you for a while
  • It's lightweight and watery (but packs a punch)
  • Although it's lightweight, it can be easy to over apply, which then makes it feel heavy and sticky (there's a bit of a learning curve on application)
  • It may last six hours, but it won't look pretty and it definitely doesn't last through a meal, you will have to reapply (that happens with pretty much all lip products)
  • The stain fades unevenly, giving your lips a splotchy unattractive appearance
  • It's really hard to try to wipe if off once it's reached the splotchy stage
  • I did not find it hydrating. In fact, after wearing it my lips felt extra dry
But fear not. If you've purchased this product and love the color, there is a way around the splotchiness. Ready? Don't use it as a stain. I apply it on top of lip balm to create a barrier. Yes, it will still stain your lips, but it won't stick around as long (sorry, you lose the long lasting effect) and it will be easier to remove.

Have you tried these new lip stains out? Did you have a similar experience? Tell me what you think about the new L'Oreal Caresse Wet Shine lip stains. 

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  1. I purchased the dark berry color it was an attractive color but I didnt find it any different than the other lipstains..Drying and not SHINY as advertised mostly not worth the price!

    1. Hmmm, mine was shiny, but it was definitely drying and just not great enough that it would justify purchasing it again. Like I said, I just didn't like how it performed. The splotchy fading is no good.

  2. I didn't find mine to be drying and it also lasted through a meal. The color was wonderful and it was a shade desired. My only complaint was that it was sticky even though I applied a light layer, no more than two strokes on each lip.

    plus kissing my boy friend and making him think I left a big smooch mark was priceless!

  3. I got the milady, but the color looks sooooo different on my lips as compared to the bottle! From a light mauve in the bottle it became almost red on my lips .. And yes.. It is so hard to wipe off, ending up had to rub and tug at my lips... Not good, won't repurchase

    1. Yeah, it seems like the consensus is that this product isn't totally living up to expectations.

  4. Can't wait to try. Thinking. I need to go a shade lighter than normal.