Monday, January 26, 2015

How to Keep Blemishes Concealed All Day

I was perusing the Internet recently when I stumbled upon an article that changed my makeup life. It was from Pop Sugar and I should've book marked it because now that I want to tell you guys what I learned, I can't find it to save my life. Anyway, I don't even think I read the whole article because when I saw this tip I was so stunned that I was rendered incapable of reading any further. I mean, how had I never thought of this before?! It's freaking genius!

So, you know how difficult it can be to conceal a stubborn blemish (especially cystic acne)? Not only do you have to mask the redness and the bump like some sort of magician. But also you have to keep working that magic all day long. Concealer keeps sliding off the blemish and ruining your efforts (and possibly your life). And let's not even talk about the delicate balance required to touch up without creating a cakey disaster.

It's enough to drive you mad. Eventually, I look in the mirror, wave the white flag, and hang my head in shame. Clearly, I'm losing the battle of wills against said zit.

That is, until now. Pull up a chair, I'm about to lay some knowledge on you.

It turns out there's a product in your makeup bag (one you probably reach for every day) that can lay all your blemish concealing worries to rest. And that magical product is (dramatic pause) eyeshadow primer.

Yup. I'll give you a moment to let that sink in.

As it happens, the beauty product we've been so fond of because it makes our awesome eye looks last all day long can also do the same thing for your concealer.

It basically works the same way it does on your lids. It creates a barrier against oils and a tackier surface that your concealer can cling to -- keeping it where it belongs all day long. I've been testing this approach out for a week on this cystic pimple that took residence on my chin. Don't you just love surprise visits from unwelcome guests?

The results: A flawlessly concealed face that held up against long work days and errand running during the weekend.

A few more tips to make this work best:

  • Moisturize skin well so that you don't end up with a dry patch where you conceal
  • Apply a small amount of eye shadow primer over blemish, tap to blend then conceal and set as usual
  • Try not to over powder (again with the dry spot)
  • Use setting spray for extra long lasting results
  • Exfoliate (no patchy dry skin!)
  • If you have dry skin (or your attempts to kill the zit have created a patchy dry area), try a moisturizing eyeshadow primer (like Urban Decay's anti-aging version)
Check out my video to see the concealing in action! Then give your favorite eyeshadow primer a big ol' kiss because you're going to love it even more than you already do. 

What do you think? Pretty amazing, right?


  1. great tip! I love Cover FX blemish primer because it does all that, plus has ingredients to help fight the pimple. I hate having oily skin sometimes...

  2. I'm just going to use the eye primer ALLL OVER MY FACE plus my usual primer.. haha :P In all realness, this does work! I forget to do it a lot though!

  3. If and when I do decide to use a primer on my face I usually just use an eye primer, especially on my nose because I don't have a face primer. It's become a rare occasion for my to wear foundation anymore! This is such a great tip!

  4. This has been saving my life lately. I'm starting to wonder what else I should use eyeshadow primer on...

  5. Whenever I try to use foundation without primer now, I feel weird.