Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Makeup Show Orlando Recap

Last weekend I got to spend some time at The Makeup Show Orlando. Remember how I told you about that a little while back? Well, if you didn't get a chance to go, let me tell you, you should definitely put the next show on your calendar A little birdie tells me the show returns to Orlando January 2016. That means, you have a little over a whole year to plan, save, and (most importantly) get ready to learn (a lot).

This is the third time I've attended the show and it never disappoints. My first time, I was all about the shopping. But in subsequent years, I made a bigger effort to network and learn. You see, that's the most amazing part of this show. It's not as gigantic as other well-known events (ahem, IMATS), but don't turn your nose up like a makeup-loving snob just yet. It may be more intimate, but it packs quite a bit of punch.

The Makeup Show stands out because it's cozier setting makes it much more likely that you'll be rubbing elbows and chit chatting with some of the industry's very best artists, not to mention the creators of some of your favorite brands. Last year I met David Klasfeld of OCC Cosmetics - talk about a geek-out moment. Shall I share that picture again? Yep, I'm gonna do it.

Me (blonde hair, dark roots and all) with David Klarsfeld at The Makeup Show Orlando 2013

The focus of The Makeup Show is education and every year James Vincent and his team round up some industry heavy hitters to teach and inspire others to hone their craft and work for what they're after. And inspire they do. Every year I walk out floating on cloud nine (and not just because I snagged a bunch of makeup at amazing show pricing). After sitting in on learning sessions with industry leaders, I leave with new goals in mind and a can-do attitude. Best of all, the seminars are included in the price of your tickets.

Stila makeup artist Kanesha Perry demonstrates how to achieve natural editorial makeup

My point is, yes, the shopping is good, but the opportunities to learn and mingle are even better. I sat in on an eyebrow lesson from Eugenia Weston herself, creator of Senna Cosmetics and Emmy Award winning makeup artist. After that, I feel like I could fix anyone's brows. Saunter my way with your over (or under) plucked brows. I can help you whip them back into shape. Eugenia showed me the way!

James Vincent introducing Eugenia Weston prior to her Art of Brows seminar
Anyone want to see a video on how I do my brows now? I was pretty psyched to learn that my technique wasn't totally off. Although a few of her pointers just bumped up my brow game.

I also sat in on a seminar with Renny Vasquez, the man responsible for making up gorgeous ladies like Brandy, Kelly Rowland, and Gabrielle Union. He showed us some of his makeup application techniques (strong yet seamless contour anyone?) and shared his story on how he made it into the industry. Want the inside scoop on some of his advice?

  • For a flawless contour: Blend until you nearly develop carpel tunnel.
  • Use a MAC 217 (or dupe) to apply a defined contour while simultaneously blending
  • Use a small fan brush to achieve a natural cut crease
  • If you want to make it in the business: Take advantage of opportunities when they come your way. (Did you know Renny was a shampoo assistant when he got his first big break?) And when those come your way, do good work and always be nice. 
Renny Vasquez and his model/makeup artist Fifi at The Makeup Show Orlando

Here's just a little more of the TMS fun.

And of course, there's plenty of shopping to be done...

As expected, I partook in the makeup fun:

TMS Orlando 2014 haul. Some of the items pictured were provided as press samples at the blogger preview event.

Stay tuned for a haul video. It'll probably be long, but hey, look at all the stuff I brought home.

** Disclaimer: I received a press pass to attend this event. All opinions are my own and I only partook in show seminars included in the price of the ticket. 


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