Review and Sponsorship Policy

Unless otherwise noted, the products I review on this blog or other related channels I've purchased myself and the opinions presented are explicitly my own. I will clearly state when I'm reviewing a product that a company or it's authorized representatives have provided me for consideration or marketing purposes. All reviews are my honest assessment of a product after I've been given adequate time to test it. I will not write a product review without testing a product for myself. Receipt of press samples does not automatically guarantee a product will be featured on this blog or its related channels. Use or feature of press samples in posts will be solely at my discretion.

I am open to working with companies that are interested in sponsoring posts, videos, giveaways, and other types of content. The receipt of review samples does not influence the outcome of product reviews in any way.

As a policy, this channel does not accept payment for product reviews. I value the trust I've built with my viewers and want them to feel comfortable knowing that my opinion is not being swayed by monetary compensation. Sponsored videos are limited to: product release announcements, product demos/tutorials, swatches, and unboxings; product mentions such as featuring products in favorites videos (but only if it's really a favorite!), makeup looks, giveaways and shout outs (e.g., "Many thanks to XYZ for sponsoring this video!").

While I may still post a review of a sponsored product, that review will be solely at my discretion and based on the demand of my audience. Reviews of these products will be posted after I've fulfilled the agreement of the sponsored post (e.g., after a product demo or a swatch post). It will be a completely separate post and company representatives will not be given approval rights for a review post or non-sponsored post. 

Sponsored vs. Press Sample Posts

From time to time, you will see videos and posts on Girly Things by *e* where I've collaborated with a company. Some will be labeled "sponsored," others "press sample" or "PR sample." You may be wondering,  what's the difference? Let's break it down:

Press samples are products that were sent or provided to me by a company or it's authorized affiliates (i.e., I did not purchase) for review consideration (or for video use consideration). Press sample receipt does not guarantee product placement on this blog or other channels associated with Girly Things by *e* (e.g., Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook). I do not receive payment or compensation from companies when they send press samples, nor do I receive compensation from the company (or authorized reps) when I write a post or film a video featuring said product. 

A sponsored post is one in which I received payment directly from the company or authorized representative to write the post. A sponsored post does not mean I am paid to praise the product. It simply means the company wants to guarantee that the PR sample they send is featured on this blog or other related channels. Basically, the product can't end up in the pile of samples that I just didn't get around to posting about because I'm too busy. 

Receipt of press samples or sponsorship opportunities will not sway my opinion on a product. I will provide my honest feedback in a courteous and professional manner.

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All opinions are my own and sponsored videos and press samples will be clearly disclosed.

About reviews:

Product reviews are based on my experience. As such, it is my personal opinion of a product and its efficacy. Opinions and experiences vary from person to person. That means, you may or may not agree with my assessment. If you have a different experience from mine, I encourage you to comment and share. But please, be respectful when you do and remember your experience won't be the same as everyone else. 

Ad Disclosure

I use sidebar advertising to monetize this blog. If you click on an ad it may result in a commission for me. Some ads are paid by the number of people that look at them, others by the number of clicks. 

Affiliate links

This blog features affiliate links in posts. This means that if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my audience. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255 "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

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Copyrights and Legal

Every single posting and self image on Girly Things by *e* is provided by and belongs to me. You may not copy, distribute, or display any content from Girly Things by *e* without my permission, and must always attribute any content taken from this blog to me. If you would like to use any of my postings or images, please ask first.

Privacy Policy

Girly Things by *e* values and respects it's readers and their privacy. All information listed on this website will not be sold or distributed without the owner's full wirtten consent. If you have any questions, please contact me at erika{at}girlythingsbye{dot}com.