Monday, September 17, 2012

Manicure Monday: XOX Betsey

This week's manicure brings you another nude polish. I found this lacquer (XOX Betsey)  in the sale bin at Sephora for $5. Not too bad. I picked it up thinking it was a bit of a nod to Mod About You by OPI, just a dustier version of it. To my surprise, it was much more of a nude. Not quite creamy or beige toned as Essie's Sand Tropez. XOX Betsey is more of a pink-based nude.

This color is opaque and applies easily. I didn't experience any streaking, as can sometimes happen with milky opaque colors. 

What do you think? Do you like nudes for fall? I think it looks pretty on hands, but I definitely couldn't do it on my toes. I feel like it makes my toes look too long, like I could peel bananas with them. 


  1. Too funny...I totally do colors like that on my toes and dark on my fingers! :)

    1. You probably have much nicer toes than I do. I already have long thin toes. Nudes just make them look longer. It's horrifying. Hahahaha! I love vampy dark colors on my hands and my feet (and brights too).