Monday, June 25, 2012

Manicure Monday: Sand Tropez

Life's a beach, and if the weather in Florida is going to keep me indoors, then I'll be bringing the beach to me. Enter Essie's Sand Tropez (Spring 2011 French Affair Collection) - a creamy nude that is unaffected and easy going, but still chic. Pretty much the same way I'd like to be if I were sitting on the shore on the beach in San Tropez.

It's a great color if you're spending your week in a conservative office environment. It won't scream for attention, your hands will look polished and groomed, and it's still a relaxing and laid back mani (probably exactly how you'd rather be in the midst of the nine-to-five race). While everyone else will see corporate-appropriate, you'll look down and smile as you imagine a sun-soaked paradise far away from your cube (just think of the name and I  bet you'll be imagining the feel of sand between your toes; plus the color itself looks a bit sandy, don't you think?).

Two coats makes this a pretty shade of nude that will never clash with anything you wear. Combine this mani with a brightly colored top, and I'll start thinking of beach towels on sand in no time.

I love a nude manicure from time to time, though I can't get over how strange I feel the color looks on my toes. I guess my toes are adventurous territory and nude is too demure. How do you feel about nude manicures? Do you have a favorite nude polish (and what is it)?

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