Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fashion Savings: The Bubble Necklace Knock Off

Just two weeks ago I shared my woes with you about not being able do decide on the color J. Crew Bubble necklace I wanted to spend my hard earned money (and gift card) on. You all weighed in and it was still a tie! Seems it really isn't that easy to choose only one.

Well, after I wrote the post, I started searching online because I'd seen a few gals sporting some bubble necklaces that I knew weren't J. Crew. Cute as they are, J. Crew simply didn't put out those colors. I'm not judging you. I just wanted to know where I might be able to score some savings myself. Plus, as I mentioned, I really was kicking myself over not purchasing the royal blue one that J. Crew put out.

My search turned out some happy returns. I stumbled upon many Etsy stores that offered bubble necklaces at a fraction of the cost. I settled on the Blue Bird shop. For one, she had a royal blue necklace! Plus, she is based in the U.S. (faster shipping for me) and she was running a special (free shipping and a free pair of matching earrings). My necklace cost $34. How's that for savings?!

Mind you, if you search "bubble necklace" on Etsy, you will find quite a few shops that sell the necklace for less (I saw some as low as $16). But, most of them ship from China, and I simply didn't want to have to wait.

I ordered my necklace on Friday morning and it shipped the same day (even though the site said it could take up to a week to ship) and I had it in my hands by Monday. I'm pretty happy with my purchase.

Here's what I think of the actual piece:

  • It's not as heavy as it's J. Crew counterpart, but that's not exactly something that bothers me considering how much less I paid.
  • No visible signs of glue on the bubbles or around them.
  • The clasp on mine is a bit tough to open, as though it could use a bit of lube. A bit dangerous for my manicure, but still functional.
  • The bubble color is really pretty in person. I'm really glad I found it and got it.
I have to wear mine on the smallest clasp because I'm a bit busty, which makes the necklace hang a bit awkwardly if I try to wear it too long. I could have worse problems, I suppose. I can't wait to include this when I put together different outfits. 

Check out my photos of it below.

Like I said, I'm happy with my purchase and I think I'd definitely purchase from her again. I'm loving the red and kelly green version of this same bubble necklace and she has a gorgeous multi-stone drop necklace on sale that I'm considering in seafoam green.

Do you have a bubble necklace? Did you buy it at J. Crew or find it elsewhere? What color is yours?

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