Monday, August 13, 2012

Manicure Monday: Megalime

I know last week I was crushin' on a gorgeous purple that could easily serve as a multi-season color. Not neon but still colorful for summer, and just dark enough for fall. I still love it, don't get me wrong, but I had an epiphany. Girl, it's still summer! So I'm gonna keep rocking bright nails. At least this week that's the case.

Thanks to my hubs, who bought me a nail polish set by Free Press (his preemptive peace offering for going to Nordstrom Rack without me), I've got eight new fun-sized polishes to share with you. There are at least three fun brights in the box. Double bonus: I've never used this brand of polish so I get to test it out. I was instantly drawn to Megalime. Why? Well, because I would have never picked the shade up on its own. I'm not usually a lime green girl. But, when I tried it on for size I was pleasantly surprised. I love it. It's bright, fun, loud, and yet somehow not really overbearing. Probably because it's not neon. Check it out:

Alright, so here's the skinny. So far, I like the Free Press polish. It applied well and has a nice even final look. However, this color absolutely required two coats for this finish. The first coat was a little runny and not very opaque, although it merits saying it was not streaky. But who wants a sheer lime green? Not this girl anyway. Two coats it is! (Like I need much convincing). And let me tell you that second coat went on smooth like buttah. It almost didn't need a finishing top coat. But who are we kidding? Every manicure needs a finishing top coat.  I'm just saying it looked smooth, pretty, and relatively glossy for a creme, on its own.

The mini bottle is adorable too. I know there are a lot of you out there that don't like mini polishes because they don't have a lot of product. But I think they are great for when you travel and to test out colors. Case in point, I never would have purchased this color on its own full sized. Now I would. Plus, I've rarely reached the bottom of a regular bottle of polish, unless we are talking a base or top coat bottle. Even with my favorite polishes, I don't get much passed the half way point. So, I have no objections to the minis.

So here is the set of minis my husband purchased. Eight polishes with 0.15 fl. oz. of product each. Which colors do you want to see the most?

Left to right (from top): Sweet Pink, Power Plum, Orang Pop, Megalime, Skinny Jeans, Electric Violet, Silver Jet, 24k

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