Friday, April 26, 2013

Makeup Tips from Vincent Longo & Water Canvas Foundation & Blush Review

I had the pleasure of meeting makeup artist to the starts, Vincent Longo, this past weekend while attending the Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show. If you don't know who Vincent Longo is, you'll certainly recognize his body of work. He's made up such famous faces as Jennifer Lopez, Molly Sims, Michelle Williams, Claire Danes, Mina Suvari, and many more.

Vincent Longo talks about his Water Canvas makeup line and demos his blush the beautiful model at the runway show
Longo visited the Trend Show to showcase the latest in his beauty line -- his Water Canvas foundation and blush line, which I had the pleasure of trying out after the show. This cream-to-powder product is designed to feel ultra-light, be buildable (sheer to full coverage), and impart a real-skin finish (not to moist, nor too matte). I can vouch for that. After Carlo, a Vincent Longo makeup artist, did my makeup at around 11 a.m., I wore it all day and well into the evening and I couldn't feel it and got a lot of compliments on the finish.

About the product line:
  • Contains 75% Microwater, which is a natural botanical seaweed polymer, to maintain the skin's moisture balance, and silica to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. 
  • Has vitamin E to protect the skin
  • Is long lasting
  • Can be touched up throughout the day (if you need to) without caking. (The amazing part is you can apply this over your existing makeup. I know, he actually demonstrated it on me during my one-on-one)
  • The packaging has patented technology to seal out air each time you close the jars to keep the product from drying out. (Note: Always remember to close your products when not in use. These have such a high water concentration they will definitely evaporate and dry out if you don't close them correctly. Luckily, it has a nice snapping sound to let you know you've fully closed it)

Vincent Longo demonstrates how to blend eyeliner to give your eye a cat-like lift. 
After the runway show, Longo held two master classes, where he walked event participants through a full-face makeup application. I sat in on one of the sessions and he shared some great makeup application tips that I just have to share with you:
  • When you apply your eye makeup, start with your eyeliner and use it shape your eyes. Using a pencil liner, line close to your lashes then flick it out at the outer end (like a cat eye, but not dramatic). Then use a small stiff brush to blend it out using light upward strokes. Once it's blended, follow with your eye shadow application. The blended liner will create a shadow that gives your eyes and upward lift. 
  • Apply the darkest shadow to the same area where you applied the pencil, starting from the outside (to deposit the most color out there) and work your way in. Then apply the middle color from your outer corner (to meet your liner) and working it into the crease (to create a V in your outer corner). Then apply the lightest color to your lid by patting it on with the brush. Blend after each step. 
  • When you smoke out your bottom lash line use light downward strokes with your brush to feather the shadow. It will give it a softer, smokier look than if you use horizontal strokes. 
  • When filling your eyebrows, work from the outside in. Identify the peak of your brow, then fill in from that point out. After you do that, fill in the inner part of the brow. This will keep you from over filling, avoiding the dreaded caterpillar-brow look. 
  • Apply your lipstick or gloss before you apply blush. It will bring color to your face and keep you from over applying color on your cheeks. 
  • When lining your lips, line the cupids bow first. Then, when you fill in the outer part of your top lip, slightly arch the line (rather than drawing a straight line from the cupid's bow to the outer corners) to create a pouty look. Be careful not to exaggerate the arch, keep it along your lip line to avoid obviously over drawn lips. 

My Vincent Longo Water Canvas product purchase: Water Canvas Foundation ($57) in #09 Natural Tan and Water Canvas Blush ($44) in Swan Lake

Finally, I'd like to share with you a quick review of the Water Canvas products I purchased. Both feel amazingly light on the skin, which still totally shocks me. I do not feel like I have makeup on at all. But I look fantastically put together. The consistency of these cream-to-powder items is incredibly soft and light. And the most awesome part is that they feel cool to the touch when you apply them on your skin, making them  really refreshing to apply. It feels like someone gently patting a cool damp cloth to your face. 

I've always shied away from cream foundations because they just looked heavy and intimidated me. If you're like me in this respect, have no fear! These feel nothing like the cream products you've seen before. 

To apply, use a disposable makeup wedge (or a beauty blender if you prefer) and tap it into the product lightly. Vincent recommends tapping it around the outer perimeter. Swiping it will pick up too much product. Then apply using patting motions on your skin. Using the sponge will give you medium coverage. For full coverage wait until the first layer dries, then apply another layer strategically where you need it. For sheer coverage, use a damp makeup wedge. 

  • There really is no need to use a powder to set this, since it's cream to powder. 
  • It gives you the perfect finish. Not too dewey (which for those of us with combo or oily skin can make us look greasy) and not too matte (which can sometimes age us). 
  • I can't emphasize this enough: The finish looks like your skin, but better: perfectly moisturized, even, with a healthy glow (not a greasy glow). You'll look like you've followed all the beauty rules you're whole life.
  • It's long lasting. I wore mine for more than 8 hours before needing a touch up.
  • If you feel the need to do touch ups, you can. Right over the makeup you have on. Without causing cake face. I tried this just to test it out in the areas where I usually need a touch up - between by brows where oiliness and friction with my glasses usually wears my makeup down. The results looked flawless. (Color me shocked. Seriously.)
  • Swan Lake is the perfect blush color for everyone. A beautiful shade of rose that gives you what Longo describes as "that new love flush." He's right. It's such a naturally beautiful color. I saw him apply it on various skin tones throughout the day and it made everyone look radiant. 
  • It's oil free and moisturizing enough for all skins. I have combination skin. My forehead is dryer than the rest of my face. It moisturized my dry areas and didn't make my oily areas look greasy. 
  • If I had to compare Water Canvas blush to another blush, I'd say it's close to the Sephora Double Contouring cream blush, but better..Water Canvas is much more moisturizing and looks more skin like. It's also more user friendly (easier to blend and sheer out, and more difficult to over apply). Not to mention (ok, I'm mentioning it), the Sephora cream blush doesn't offer that refreshing feeling on the skin (you might think I'm crazy now, but once you try it you'll want every makeup product you own to feel this way).
Now, I realize these are on the pricey side, especially if you stick to the drugstore items. I've never paid this much for foundation or blush (until now). But let me tell you, it's completely worth every penny. I'm so incredibly impressed by this makeup line that I'm practically jumping with excitement. It's like I found Jesus in a makeup compact (so that's where he's been!). I'm convinced that Vincent Longo is a makeup genius. 

Do you think you would try the Water Canvas makeup line? What aspects of it make you interested in checking it out? 


  1. Love hearing more about these products! I am definitely intrigued by the Water Canvas products...especially the blush! I also like the tip about applying your lip color before your blush - I'd never thought about that but it totally makes sense!

    1. I know! It's flippin' genius! I know I've definitely had my experience with over applying blush. This trick makes a huge difference.