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Manicure Monday: Julep Maven May

It's Julep Maven time again! For the month of May, Julep's Maven* subscription boxes were all inspired by The Great Gatsby and the beauty and colors that were popular in the 1920s. I purchased the Boho Glam box this month, which included two nail polishes (Alice & Millie) and three travel-sized lipsticks. I also chose an add on for this month, the Sugar Smooch lip scrub -- which was part of the beauty maven box. 

I received Boho Glam box on May 1. However, when you choose to add on products to your box, those get shipped separately. I received my lip scrub on May 4. Julep Maven subscription boxes are $19.99**, add ons vary in price. The lip scrub add on cost me $9.99. 

Sinful Colors base coat, two coats of Julep Alice, no top coat
 Alice is a beautiful pale lavender with a shimmer finish that gives it a nearly pearl-like finish. This color is feminine and soft and definitely reminiscent of the soft, pastel, feminine colors of the 1920s. One coat results in a sheer finish, while two coats give you the color pay off in the bottle. The formula isn't overly thich, which makes it easy to work with.

Sinful Colors base coat, two coats Julep Millie, no top coat
Millie is a gorgeous indigo blue that has just a hint of purple undertone, which you can see better in person. It reminds me a bit of Sinful Colors Rain Storm and Zoya Natty, except in person it's just the slightest bit more grey-purple. Both Rain Storm and Natty are really similar to Millie and both have more product for a more affordable price (Rain Storm is $1.99, Natty is $8, Julep polishes usually run $14 when purchased at retail stores). 

Millie gives you color pay off in one coat, but two coats looks much better. It's a bit of a thicker polish than Millie so it can be just the slightest bit more difficult to work with (but only slightly). 

Sinful Colors base coat, two coats Julep Alice, one coat Julep Millie, China Glaze Fast Forward top coat
Millie and Alice compliment each other well. So, if you plan on doing some nail art, like I did, this color combo will look fantastic. 

I also received three mini lipsticks in this month's box that I was particularly excited about. The packaging is really cute, with the decorations on the box having a vintage feel to them. I also love the gold packaging for the lipsticks. Again, it gives off a vintage vibe and just looks so pretty and dainty.

Left to right: Tea for two (nude sheer), Lady in Red (matte), Satin Doll (poppy sheer)

Lady in Red is by far my favorite lipstick in this little trio. For starters, it's the only real lipstick, since the other two are sheer colors that are almost like a tinted balm. Lady in Red is a beautiful true red, which will suit all skin tones, and has blue undertones that will make your teeth look super white. It glides on smoothly and feels moisturizing on the lips. It's described as a matte shade, but I see a bit of shine to it that makes me think it's more of a satin finish. That works for me, I love a pretty satin finish. 

Satin doll is a pretty sheer poppy red that is so sheer it gives your lips (well, at least my lips) barely there coral tint. Like Lady in Red, this glides on smoothly and feels super moisturizing and creamy on the lips. But it's so sheer, you can barely tell you have anything on. Personally, I would've preferred a little more color pay off. In fact, I have tinted balms that offer more color pigmentation that this does.

 Tea for Two is described as a sheer nude. Applied, it's so sheer, it's basically translucent. You may as well just apply a little lip balm to your pout. You'll get the same result. I'm not really a fan. Like the other two lipsticks, it's incredibly creamy and feels great on your lips. But if there's no color to be had, I simply do not see the point. I prefer my lip colors to pack a little more punch.

The lip scrub is absolutely adorable in it's gold sphere package that reminds me a bit of the eos balms, except fancier. The scrub smells AH-MA-ZING, like brown sugar and caramel. It's made from brown sugar, molasses, conditioning oils, vitamin E, and shea butter, which will help keep your lips soft and kissably smooth. 

All in all, I'm glad I didn't opt for the beauty box this month. I wasn't all that interested in the mascara and would've been disappointed to only really like one or two of the products received (Lady in Red and the lip scrub). I'm sad to say, I'm left underwhelmed. 

Check out my video "unboxing" to see some of the other goodies that came in the box:

Do you subscribe to the Julep Maven program? Which box did you get this month? How did you feel about the beauty products? 

* This is my personal Julep Maven link. Using this link to join the program helps me earn Julep points, which I can eventually redeem for free subscription boxes or add-on items. These personal referral links are available to everyone who joins the Julep Maven program. 

** I redeemed my Julep Maven points in May, which means I received my subscription box for free (normally $19.99). I paid separately for the lip scrub add-on.  

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