Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Nordstrom 2013 Spring/Summer Beauty Trend Show

The verdict is in: flawless skin is your must-have beauty accessory for spring and summer. So said many of the brand representatives at the 2013 Spring/Summer Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show, which took place this past Saturday, April 20.

What's the Beauty Trend Show? Well, as Nordstrom would describe it, it's like NY Fashion Week for beauty. For $20, customers can attend the show where they will be eligible to win amazing prizes (think Clarisonics, skin care items, makeup, and perfumes), sign up to have their makeup done by makeup artists from their favorite brands, and learn all about what's in (and what's new) for the season during the runway show.

Plus, they can apply the $20 they spend on their ticket toward any beauty purchase made at the event. A lot of brands will have special value sets that are only available that day, offering you a better bang for your buck. Just remember, while you will find some great deals and awesome gifts with purchase, we're still talking about high-end products. If you're searching for bargain basement prices, you won't find them here.

In short, it's a fun-filled day of beauty and shopping for the beauty addict in all of us.  And people show up in droves to be a part of the fun. This year, I saw a lot of girls sitting at the makeup stations having their makeup done for prom.

One of the best parts of the show, in my opinion, are all the great tips you can learn from all of the professionals that help make your skin care and makeup routine easier and more effective. If you follow me on Twitter, you probably saw my tweets about all the fab products and tips various brands shared during the show. But if you missed it, never fear, I'll be sharing some of those tips, trends, and photos from the event with you today. You'll know just what to expect for next year's event, and who knows, maybe I'll see some of you out there!

A few of the makeup set ups  scattered throughout the Nordstrom Beauty section ready to offer customers makeovers
When I first walked in, my eyes were greeted by a sea of bright pink. Rows after rows of makeup tables were set up throughout the beauty department, ready to makeover hundreds of customers in one day.  I'm glad I got early access so I could share photos with you before the chaos ensued. Customers make appointments weeks in advance to secure some time with their favorite brands. And once the event starts, it's hard to get a good photo with all the crowds. 

Models strut down the white carpet during the trend show to showcase colorful spring fashion 
But before all the makeup and shopping can start, there's a runway show to attend. During the show participants get to see fun spring fashion. But most importantly, you get to hear directly from all the brand representatives about their latest and greatest products and trends for the season. They'll also share  great tips to make trends work for you. And while last year we heard all about the bright pink lip, this year it was all about a flawless canvas. Brands were there to tell you how to achieve a flawless complexion (through skin care regimens, serums, and potions) and how to fake it until you make it (hello concealer, BB's, CC's, and airy foundations!).

Bobbi Brown's Rogelio Reyna poses by the Dark Circle Emergency Kit display
I had the pleasure of meeting Rogelio Reyna, director of artistry and education for Bobbi Brown, just before the show started where I had the chance to ask him what his most vital piece of advice was for clients (and everyone) when it comes to their makeup application. His response: focus on a flawless complexion, but keep it looking fresh and natural. And does that come as any surprise? Bobbi Brown is all about achieving skin perfection. 

So how does one accomplish this? Reyna recommends that everyone use both a corrector and a concealer to help mask any imperfections. The proper corrector will cancel out blue, red, and purple tones and allow your concealer to work better. 

He provided an excellent example to illustrate his point. If you're planning to paint a dark wall in your house white, you can't just go in with the white paint and cover the dark color. What will happen if you do is that the color will still show through and make your white paint look dull and muddy. Instead, you first apply a coat of primer, which helps cancel out the dark color and keeps you from packing on too many coats of paint. 

Think of corrector as the primer for your concealer. And always remember: Prep (moisturize), correct, conceal, and set!

Colleen McCory of Trish McEvoy talks Triangle of Light and tells the crowd about contouring concealing and highlighting

Speaking of using concealer to achieve a flawless complexion, Colleen McCory from Trish McEvoy shared the secrets to properly concealing, contouring, and highlighting the face. Her biggest piece of advice: apply concealer in a triangle shape to avoid the dreaded reverse raccoon eyes.  P.S. How cute is her outfit?

While we're discussing makeup tips, Lancome shared a great piece of advice. For all you ladies who aren't big on wearing lipstick, but find yourselves drawn to it anyway -- try applying it using your fingers. Dab it on so that it looks like a stain. This will give you a lighter finish and a stain effect that will last longer and be much less high maintenance.

And if any of you struggle with shaping and filling your brows, Alishia from Anastasia Beverly Hills (one of the foremost authorities on brows) has a tip for you. Follow the natural structure of your brows (stop fighting them!) when you're shaping them. And don't over tweeze. In fact, she said, the less you tweeze the better. Rmember full, well-shaped brows are youthful and help frame your face. 

Alex Chantecaille extols the benefits of rose water. 
Alex Chantecaille from Chantecaille cosmetics was also at the show sharing their  secrets to beautiful skin. For Chantecaille it's all about skin care that is inspired by nature and infused with flowers. And their favorite ingredient to beautify your complexion: rosewater, which helps soothe and hydrate your skin, and reduce redness. Rose water is a beauty secret that's been around for ages because it's effective. They've even infused their Faux Cils Longest Lash mascara with rose water because it moisturizes your lashes, which makes them stronger, less likely to break, and more likely to grow longer.

Ciate speaker tells the crowd how to keep their nails on trend, while rocking the most adorable and perfect spring-white dress. 
Want to stay up on spring trends with your nails? Ciate informed us that nail foils are all the rage this season. You can apply them to your entire nail for a cool aluminum-like finish or apply flecks of the foil  to your polish for a cool shards-of-stained-glass effect. 

I only wish I would've captured her amazing manicure. It was just fantastic - a beautiful sky blue polish with multi-colored pastel caviar nail accents. 

Karen DeLauro, Nordstrom Regional Beauty Director, kept the crowd pumped as the trend show MC and her outfit changes were fierce. 
After the show, I had the pleasure of visiting the Vincent Longo counter for my one-on-one makeup consultation, where the Vincent Longo himself demonstrated the proper way to apply his cream-to-powder blush on yours truly (gasp!). 

The one and only Vincent Longo applies blush to my face. Somebody pinch me!
Later on, I also sat in on Vincent's master class where I learned so many great makeup application tips, they merit their own post (so stay tuned!).  What I can tell you today is that his water-canvas foundation and blush give you amazing, buildable coverage that looks and feels like second skin. I wore it all day and it felt light as a feather and looked incredible. I received lots of compliments from complete strangers. 

All in all, this event is a lot of fun and a great opportunity to meet brand representative and get great tips and advice. The crowds can be a bit overwhelming, but if you go in knowing what to expect it's a lot less jarring. 

My advice: go with a game plan and know your personal preferences and needs. This will keep you focused and ensure you'll be happy with your purchases. Everything is going to look and seem amazing and the crowd hubub can make you feel a little pressured. Just remember stay true to yourself and you'll end up with products that will work with your needs and preferences (and keep you coming back for more). 


  1. Such a fun event! I love learning about awesome new products...and I definitely have Vincent Longo's foundation and blush on my list of must-try items...

    1. I absolutely loved how they felt on my skin throughout the event. I really felt like I had nothing on, but still have great coverage. I love that you can build it to what you need. And it really did feel moisturizing without making me look oily.