Saturday, January 15, 2011

How I got free Physician's Formula products at CVS

Yes, you read that right - free! How? I went to the scan box, scanned my CVS card and I got a $10 off Physician's Formula coupon. I read about this over at Noveau Cheap this afternoon and headed to my CVS to see if the coupon was still printing. Low and behold, it was! Here's the skinny, you can either get a $3 off coupon or a $10 off coupon for Physician's Formula products. I do not know what qualifies you for $10 versus $3, but either way, it's a good discount, considering CVS has a lot of beauty products on 75 percent off clearance and there are a lot of Physician's Formula products at my local CVS store still left. So, I ended up getting 4 products and only paid $2.14! Yes, I did. Here are the pics and how much each product was (at the discounted cost)

Felt tip Eye Definer: Warm Black
I always need a good felt tip liquid liner. I love how much easier it is to apply than regular liquid liner, since it's much like using a pen. To my happy surprise, the warm black was a nice dark black, and just glided on. The swatch below is just a quick thin line I drew on my hand.

I also picked up two blushes. Two! These are actually the products I'd gone in hoping to find. Thinking I'd only get the $3 off coupon, I planned to pick up Blushing Glow, which is a matte peach color blush, since it got such rave reviews over at Noveau Cheap (and I tried it on, it is quite deserving of the praise, sorry no swatches just yet). Each of these were $2.99 after the 75 percent discount. Having a $10 coupon, I decided to pick up Pink Glow. These are not only a great product -- they apply smoothly, the packaging is sturdy, and they are for sensitive skin (to help prevent any irritation or breakouts) -- but this clearance price is amazing. Three dollars for a blush is a steal! Anyone in the market for a matte blush should definitely check these out. Even if you don't get the coupon, you are still getting a bargain.

Lastly, I picked up a translucent powder from the same Mineral Wear line. I didn't really need it, but I figured translucent powder is always good to have to set your makeup. It has a soft green undertone to help reduce the appearance of redness, which is great for anyone with acne prone skin or rosacea. This little ditty was only $3.49.

I've purchased quite a few products at the CVS clearance sale, visiting various CVS locations in two different states. The bargains are incredible! I'll have to do a post with pictures of all the products I picked up. There are a lot (and I've spent less than $50 total), and the CVS locations I visited also accepted coupons on top of the discounts, so I ended up getting products for free or just a few cents. 

Have you scored any goodies at CVS? Were you able to take advantage of the Physician's Formula CVS coupon? What did you get?


  1. Nice work! Just read the coupon only probably goes 'til Sunday. boo. Either way though, great post!

  2. @Alyson - Does that mean it will still print up on Sunday (today)? If so, mine had an expiration date for February. So, might be worth a shot to visit CVS and see if the coupon prints up for you.

  3. Also, the clearance items at CVS will be available until they run out of stock. Just in case anyone is in the market for savings. Physician's formula products are usually $7 and up, with many products costing more than $10

  4. love your blog!
    i'm following!
    I was just do you put the font and words on your pictures?
    I have a blog and need to do that too..but I have no!

  5. Hi Miss XoXo - I thought I'd responded to your comment. I guess I did in my head. Anyway, I use Photoshop to do it. I created a watermark to put my blog name on the pics, and then I use the text feature to add text to the pictures. You can easily google instructions on how to do this if you have Photoshop.

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