Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rusk Review Series: W8less Hair Spray

Here I am again, for my last installment of my Rusk Review Series. Thanks again to Beauty Stop Online* for generously providing the products so that I could test them and review them.

As you probably know if you watch my YouTube channel, I'm a huge fan of Elnett Stron Hold hairspray. I love it. I like hairsprays that don't make my hair super stiff. What I like best about my Elnett is that it brushes right out of my hair when I'm done and my hair is still soft and manageable.

This is what Rusk's W8less hairspray had to measure up to, in my book. After a few uses, here is what I think.
  • I like how W8less is buildable. I can do a light spritz on my hair when I'm just leaving it down all day, and have it not feel like there is hairspray on it. I really don't like my hair to feel like armor on my head. If you want a stiffer hold (say you want to hold up some searious teasing) just add as you need it. Just try not to build it up too much, or it will stop being weightless. If you like a stiffer hold on the regular, try the Rusk W8less Xtra Hold variety since its for shaping.
  • The price is much better than my Elnett, at least if you get it from Beauty Stop. Elnett retails at Target for $12.49 for 11 oz, while W8less costs $8.99 for 10 oz (that's about 36% off of retail cost, which is $14).
  • When I use the spray on my hair after a blow out, mostly to keep my bangs in place, and just a light spritz over the rest of my hair, my hair stays manageable and has movement.
Ok, so how does it measure up to Elnett? Well, it's pretty close, though not entirely the same. See, it's missing one key component, at least for me, the ability to just brush it out. Now, don't get me wrong, you can brush this hairspray out, it just still leaves behind a bit of residue for my liking. It's not an abundant amount, by far less than your average hair spray, it just doesn't vanish as much as my Elnett. But other than that, it's a good hair spray. It does the trick, if you are looking for a lighter hold. For me, the scent was a bit strong. But a lot of people think Elnett smells too strong, and I don't mind either. I can't smell them throughout the day, just when I apply them. Rusk has a bit of a perfume-y smelll, that's as best as I can describe it. It could be worse, it could smell like chemicals. I don't think the scent is overpowering, but its certainly strong when you first use it. Afterwards, it's not really noticeable.

So, if you are seeking a light hair spray, give this a try. While I know it's not super cheap, it's much less than other similar hair sprays out there. For example, the Aveda line is $24. Considering this is a professional product, $8.99 is a good price. If you're the type of gal that doesn't really see the point of paying more than $1 and some change for your hair spray, then this is not for you. But, I've yet to find  one at that price point that doesn't give my hair the stiffies. Plus, for me 10 oz of hair spray lasts me a long time. I probaly buy hair spray once a year. So that comes out to less than a dollar a month.

Have you used W8less? Do you like it? Do you prefer this hair spray to L'Oreal's Elnett?

*Beauty Stop Online is a wholesale provider of professional beauty products and tools including: flat irons, curling irons, hair dryers, skin, hair and nail care, waxing and hair removal, salon and spa equipment, and more. They have partnerships with numerous manufacturers and vendors that make it possible for them to provide name brand products at affordable prices.

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