Saturday, December 25, 2010

Proclaim Argain Oil

My Kenzia Moroccan Argain Oil post is one of the most popular postings on this site. It's continuously getting hits. So, it seems you're all quite interested in the merits of affordable Argan oil products. I'm happy to oblige. I'm a sucker for hair serums that promise to condition my hair, make it shiny, manageable, and enviably pretty. Who doesn't long for commercial-worthy hair?

I stopped by Sally on Christmas Eve to pick up some hair dye, and got to the counter to pay for my order. They had a little bowl of mini little 0.5 oz bottles of Proclaim Argain Oil treatments. And this gal went for it. It was only $1.49 (regularly $1.99).

I gotta say, I think I like this version better than my Kenzia. And what I like most about it, is that its accessible. Unlike the Kenzia, that you have to keep you eye out for at your local TJ Maxx or Marshalls (it's the only places I've seen it), this item is regularly available at Sally Beauty Supply. The regular size (8 oz) retails for $6.99.

It works wonderfully. The formula is actually closer to the Moroccan brand that is sold in salons. It's a bit thicker than the Kenzia. This one is more of a serum consistency. And it smells heavenly! Heavenly! I can't describe it, but it's just so good. It's not overbearing, it's not perfumey. It's slighly sweet. It's just good.

I completely recommend anyone to go grab one of the 0.5 oz ones to try them out. It won't set you back much at all, and it will give you super soft, shiny hair. You don't need to use much either, so you'll get a few uses out of this little bottle. Plus, it's the perfect size if you need to travel.

As an added bonus, you can also add a little of this magic serum to your nails and cuticules. It's supposed to help promote nail growth. Bonus!

What are some of your favorite affordable argan oil products?