Monday, February 24, 2014

Manicure Monday: Milani Power Periwinkle

You guys. Spring is almost here! I'm so excited. Mostly because it means the return of colorful polish. You guys know I have a weakness for fun colors. Fall and winter brought us some beautiful deep hues. But I'm a spring and summer polish girl through and through (the wall of polish doesn't lie folks). Maybe it's because down here in Florida it's hard to get into the fall and winter spirit. The weather doesn't really set the tone.

As sultry as my dark polishes are, I'm ready for pastels and brights.

Since I've been craving color and hearing good things about the Milani polish line, I decided to snag Power Periwinkle from the collection because, I love Periwinkle blue. How can you not? It's like a nice mix of bright and pastel all rolled into one.

Milani Power Periwinkle nail polish swatch, @girlythingsby_e
OPI Nail Envy base coat, Milan Nail Laquer Power Periwinkle (2 coats), Seche Vite top coat

Believe the hype out there, friends. This drugstore polish is quite the unsung hero. First of all, can we just take a moment and admire the color? Isn't it pretty? It's OK if you swoon. I'm totally smitten with it and can't wait to do a few fun nail designs with it too. It's such a fun color, I think it will lend itself well to a little nail art. Now that we've established how awesome this color is, let me drop a little knowledge bomb on you: They have a whole array of other hues that are just as exciting. Is your heart racing yet? I know. Eep!

Best of all, they're easy to access and priced fairly. I picked mine up at CVS for $5.49. Also, they've got a nice color selection that includes some trendy hues. 

The formula is particularly nice. I experienced phenomenal color pay off. Two coats look perfect. But, if you're so inclined, you could get away with just one. It was just the slightest (almost not even worth mentioning) bit thick, but it was not gooey or difficult to spread. 

I'd also like to take a moment and thank the nail polish gods, because the brush isn't huge. I absolutely loathe the fat brush craze. I really really do. It's so much harder to control application when you're dealing with a big thick brush. I know some people love them, I'm just not a part of that circle. I get a cleaner mani with a normal-sized brush. I just end up making a mess with the thick brushes. It's just my preference folks. 

I'm really happy with this polish and already itching to go back to CVS to pick up a few more colors. 

Have you tried Milani polishes yet? How do you feel about Power Periwinkle? What colors would you pair it with? I'm thinking a little coral, pink and white might make a fun combination. 


  1. That is a lovely colour and would love to have it on my own nails. Pink sounds a good idea and white

  2. Those would be nice colors too. Maybe even silver or grey. So many options!