Thursday, August 8, 2013

Five fun nail polish combinations for summer

I know summer's almost over. Maybe you've stopped buying new summer polishes, but you still want to get as much use out of the colors you have. After all, I never feel fully ready to let go of my bright nail polishes at the end of the season. They're so cheerful that it brings a smile to my face and puts a pep in my step when I wear them. How could anyone want that to end?

Around this time of year, I start frantically trying to give all my bright polishes as much use as I can. And that usually means multiple colors on my nails. From nail art to accent nails, I like being able to use all my fun colors as much as I can. Sometimes, picking the right colors to go together can be tricky though. You'll see them in the bottle, and think they'll work great, only to be disappointed with the final result.

With that in mind, I've put together five fun color combinations that compliment each other well to make your multi-colored mani fool proof.

Coral + mint

I love that this color combination is a little soft and totally fun. It reminds me a little of the beach, with the coral being the sea shells and the mint the sea foam. 

Hot pink + metallic gold

If you want to lend a little neutral touch to your hot pink mani, think about adding some metallic gold accent nails to tone it down a bit. Plus the color combo looks fabulous on your bronzed skin. 

Fuchsia + chartreuse

This color combo is anything but subtle. Both colors command attention but they don't compete with each other. Great for those of you who like to make a statement. 

Turquoise + bright purple/violet

Depending on the hues you choose, this color combo would be good for spring (think more pastel) and summer (think brighter versions of the same colors). 

Bright green + baby pink

There's just something classic about pairing these two colors together. A great combination for the preppy girl in you.

There you have it, a little inspiration for your next manicure combination. Are there any colors you're partial to pairing together in the summer? 

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