Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nail Experiment Fail

Well, darlings, it was worth a shot. If you read Monday's post, you know I was trying to see if a new tip I'd read about would help make my manicure last longer. But as I was leaving the house to head to a doctor's appointment this morning, I noticed the first chink in my nail polish armor. Wah! By the way, I did my nails on Sunday night, and this happened this morning. So, what is that, three days?

It was one nail, but isn't that always how it starts? The rest of my nails were fine, and I was holding out hope they would last.

Alas, a particularly busy and stressful day at work did its damage. Remember how I said my bad nail habit was to chip away at my nail polish when I'm nervous or stressed? Yeah, it happened. I'll spare you the gory aftermath picture

Oh well. I'm not giving up hope. I'm going to keep trying for a longer lasting manicure. It's not because I don't lilike changing my polish often, but I'd rather it be my polish ADD and not because my nails are all chipped and trashy.

I've read up on some other tricks. I'll see what works and report back.

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