Monday, August 20, 2012

Manicure Monday: Dakota

Rose gold is all the rage.And can you blame anyone for loving such a beautiful metal? It compliments pretty much every skin tone, and it's just a different enough from the yellow and white varieties you see every day, that it draws your eyes to it. But, if you can't really afford to go buy new jewelry, why not rock the beautifule hue on your nails? Metallic polish is in for fall. Why not combine the two trends. Check out Julep's Dakota, their take on rose gold metallic polish.

 This polish goes on beautifully and the color is more of a feminine take on the metallic trend. I usually see metallics in rock n' roll colors like gunmetal and silver (maybe its because those are the ones I gravitate towards), and this was a nice change of pace. A little boho, a lot feminine, and still a bit edgy.

I'm gonna tell you all a little secret. That picture is one coat (gasp!). Yes, you read that right. One coat. That's all it needed and I stopped at that. But there's a compelling reason for that. Because if you read this blog regularly, you know that even if  one coat is enough, I still go for two. 

Here's the catch: this polish takes forever to dry. Even with a fast-drying top coat (I tried both Sache Vite and Fast Forward), the polish didn't dry and set quickly. I went trough a quarter of the polish bottle redoing my nails (last week and this week) because I would keep getting dings and dents from the top coat drying and the bottom coats staying damp. In fact, last night, I did my nails three times -- apparently not learning my lesson from the multiple attempts the week before. I was trying to do some cool nail art with tape, and would wait a good 15 minutes before trying to tape my nails to add a coat in a different color.. And inevitably, I'd destroy the manicure. Fifteen minutes! How long do I have to wait?!

Eventually I gave up, and decided to just show you this color on its own. I once again removed all the polish and redid my nails. About an hour later, I went to fix the sheets on my bed and my polish shifted. The top coat dry, but not the bottom coats. Luckily, it wasn't drastic and I was able to salvage it, mostly. 

I'm actually rather surprised by it and rather sad that I've wasted so much polish redoing manicures. It's such a beautiful color! I'm going to buy a new base coat in hopes that perhaps it isn't the polish and maybe it's my base coat that just needs replacing (it is nearing the end of the bottle). If that fixes the problem, I'll update this post. 

Update: My base coat seemed to be partially to blame for my extended dry time experience. Replacing my base coast significantly cut down the dry time, although I still found the polish dried a bit slower than other polishes. However, I can apply two coats without a problem now and just have to wait about a minute longer for the polish to dry. 

Has anyone had a similar experience? The same was happening with another metallic polish I got in my Julep Maven August subscription. I'm wondering if its the metallic polish or something else.

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