Wednesday, August 3, 2011

First Impression: Aveda Tourmaline Charged Radiant Skin Refiner

Photo credit: Aveda website

I'm experiencing a little bit of what I'd like to call love-at-first-use. I went into Aveda this past weekend  with the intention of picking up another Brilliant Damage Control (my go-to heat protectant and detangler) to hoard since I am about half way through my last bottle. I had a double points coupon that was about to expire, and I'm trying to accrue enough points to get a trip to Jamaica. This is why I went in to look for something I didn't quite need yet. While there, I asked if there was anything new I might try since there wasn't anything else I could justify buying more of (I'm no where near out of anything) and the sales girl told me about the Tourmaline Charged Radiant Skin Refiner ($40 for 3.5 oz). Here is how she hooked me: she said the product was meant to give microdermabrasion results. I thought, "I can try it. I could use the points, and there are few Aveda products I haven't liked."

So here is the skinny on the product from the Aveda site:
Creamy, clay-based scrub exfoliates with bamboo extract and energizes with tourmaline to leave skin radiant and refined. Dermatologist-tested. Non-acnegenic.
Now, I've only used the product once, hence the first-impression title. But here is why I just had to share even though I haven't been testing it for a long time. I used it on Saturday night, after having a few drinks with friends, and the next day at dinner, my future father in law commented on my appearance. He asked what I'd done differently because I looked great. Now, I hadn't gotten extra sleep. I had a few drinks the night before, which isn't exactly a recipe for radiant skin. I was barely wearing makeup. My hair wasn't styled differently. The only thing I'd done that was new was use the skin refiner. That's quite the endorsement in my book. He was specifically commenting on my face when he complimented me, implying that something looked different, better.

I am sold. 

Usage directions from Aveda site:
With fingertips, massage onto moist face, neck and décolleté. Remove with warm moistened towels. Blot dry. Brush away particles. Should be used twice weekly.
I use about a dime- to nickel-sized amount on my face and massage it onto my face gently. The clay-like product has ultra fine particles that slough away dead skin. Make sure that you do not get this near your eyes. The particles are very thin but definitely scratchy, so make sure to get it all off your face, like many scrubs you do not want this in your eyes.

I know its pricey, but I really like it so far. Are there any Aveda fans out there who have tried this? What were your thoughts?  


  1. Since the dude gets up in the night A LOT...I'm forever looking sleep deprived. I'm intrigued!

  2. This product is amazing! I to was sold by the "microdermabrasion results" line. It has cleared up my skin and every time I use it, I get complements on how radiant my skin looks for the next 2 days. Aveda's skin care line and make up are by far superior to any other.

  3. I agree, this scrub is absolutely faboosh!