Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's in the bag

A Hasty Life

I'm happy to be participating in A Hasty Life's blog crawl, where 100 bloggers will all be blogging about the contents of their purse. How fun! We are taking over the Internet with this one simple topic, hahaha!

I'll be giving my blog entry a bit of a twist. Seeing as I'm both a beauty blogger and a YouTube beauty guru, I thought it would be appropriate to have my blog entry include a video portion, where I go through the contents of my purse. So, I'll have a written section with pictures, but the video will go a little more in depth about the products. My blog pictures and the written part breaks down most of the contents of my purse, but the video also gives you a peek into the contents of my beauty bag. 

If you're curious to see what I carry around with me keep on reading.

My purse

Lately, I've been carrying around my green, quilted, tote-shaped purse from J.Crew, which I picked up when I worked at the J. Crew store in the winter of 2007. I love this purse for many reasons, but I was first drawn to it because of its color. I really wanted a purse that wasn't black or brown, and I just loved the deep green. Next, I was thrilled by the size. I'm not a little purse gal. I always feel like I don't have enough room. Then, the price sealed the deal. It was on sale for $39.99 (I want to say it was originally $98) and as an employee, I got 50 percent off! You can't beat that price. 

Here is a picture of what my purse looks like on the inside. 

Purse contents

  1. Gloves
  2. Sunglass case with sunglasses inside (you can see them in the video)
  3. Appointment card for my next brow wax
  4. Sephora mirror
  5. Tampons
  6. Coupon file (one of the reasons a small purse doesn't work for me, need room for my coupons!)
  7. Beauty bag (check out my video to get a peek at what's inside)
  8. Michael Kors wallet
  9. Grocery list and a receipt
  10. Pen
  11. Carmex
  12. Keys
  13. iPhone
  14. Travel-size deodorant
  15. Eucerin hand lotion
  16. Extra gum
  17. Mint
  18. Coach ID/credit card/ money pouch
  19. (Not pictured) My camera, which I was using to take the pictures, and forgot to include in the video (oops!)

What I think this purse says about me:
I think the color says I'm not afraid to try color, but at the same time, it's not too loud or trendy to scream for attention. I think the bag itself is pretty classic, and the color and quilting are the details that set it apart, no extra fringe or bling needed. It can stand alone just fine. So, I think my purse says to others, this gal is stylish, classic, but not boring. What do you think? Do you agree? If you saw my bag, what would you think of the person who owned it?

What I think the contents of my purse say about me:

"This girl is prepared." I've got, tampons, feminine wipes, hair ties, gum, mints, coupons (you never know when you will see a deal and need them!), deodorant, lists, a pen... I think it also says I'm a bit fixated on lip products, and whomever the snooper is that is going through my purse to figure out what kind of person I am would wonder why I have two wallets. Ha ha! I think it might also say I'm afraid to leave the house without the kitchen sink. In fact, it might scream that if I still had Advil (gotta replenish that stock in the purse), hand sanitizer, my headphones, (usually has that too, but they were in the car...), reading material, and possibly a miniature kitchen sink (like one you might have in a doll house)  -- just for effect. 

So now that you've seen what I carry in my purse, what kind of person do you think I am? 

Read more about what bloggers out there carry in their purses. Let's keep this crawl moving!

Who posted yesterday (in my blog crawl group)?
A shout out to my friend and blogger also posting today. Even if she isn't in my designated group, I see no reason why you can't crawl on over to her blog to see what she totes around with her: Alyson over at The Average Girl's Guide.

Who is posting about their bag tomorrow (in my crawl group)


  1. Oh my gosh you are super cute!! I love that you did a vlog. I really enjoy getting to see how my fave bloggers act in real life! Thanks a bunch for participating in this blog crawl! I loved getting a peek inside your bag!

    <3 Ashley

  2. Loving your bag contents, and I'm even more flattered about your mention of my blog... kinda really made my day! I'm smiling ear to ear! You are the sweetest, my blogging buddy. :)

  3. LOVE your purse! it is super cute...i love the shape of it and the inside pockets too.
    your bag definitely says, "this gal is stylish, classic, but not boring"!!! and i am glad to see how prepared you are...i need to have more necessities in my purse...even with a kid i dont always feel super prepared...i try not to carry TOO much, yaknow?
    love it!

  4. @scd - I wish I had the self control not to feel the need to bring everything with me in my purse. I think I could weight train with this sucker! Hahaha! I just feel like I need all of this stuff. It's a little crazy.

    @Alyson - You're welcome :)

    @Ashley - Thanks! This was fun!