Thursday, March 25, 2010

Affordable Beauty Tip: Carmex the Multitasker

So, I got this little tip, and I just had to rush over and share it with you. It's a cheap cuticle fix, and the best part is that you don't need a extra product specifically designed for cuticles. The trick, you've propbably figured out from the title and the picture is Carmex. I love Carmex. I've been using it on my lips for a long time. I like its moisturizing prowess and its sun protective qualities (SPF, hooray!). Down here in the Sunshine State it's a must for healthy lips. I always have a little jar in my purse. Best of all, it's cheap, and it lasts! And now, to add to its fabulosity, it can multitask.

My sister just gave me this wonderful tip that she got from a friend who she says as fabulous nails. Just rub a little Carmex on your cuticles and go! My sister gets acrylics and says her cuticles are dry after just a few days, and when she saw her friends nails she had to comment that they looked so nice. Her friend turned to her in surprise and said, "Really, I desperately need a fill!" My sister told her she couldnt' even notice. So her friend said that she rubs Carmex on her cuticles to keep them moist. My sister quickly followed suit and has now reported back that it works. When she told me, I instantly reached into my purse for my handy Carmex jar and did the same. It certainly moisturized. Now lets see how I do! If it works, I won't be replenishing my cuticle oils, which I hardly ever use because I always forget! I'll never forget my Carmex though!

Enjoy! Does anyone else have any multitasking beauty tips to share? Comment below.

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