Tuesday, March 2, 2010

88 Palette Neutral Eye Series: Greys

Part two of the neutral eyes look, using the handy 88 palette is up on YouTube. But for your viewing convenience, I'm also making it available here. As mentioned before, my friend bought the 88 palette and then said she never uses it because she's more of a neutral girl. So, I decided to go ahead and put together some looks that she can use all the time so she gets use out of her makeup purchase. Recently, my sister went out and bought an 88 palette as well. I'm hoping these looks will help them, as well as anyone else out there who is color shy get a lot of use out of this palette. (Incidentally, my sister is NOT color shy, but she does work in a conservative office, so this will help her get some ideas for office-friendly looks)

If you have any requests you'd like done, please leave comments!

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