Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I won a Twitter Contest!

And here is my grand prize!
Ok, so I'm so incredibly excited! I just won a Cover FX Lip Treat-Mint Mint Glaze - a fortifying lip treatment primer ($22 at Sephora). I've never used Cover FX products, but I have lingered over that isle at Sephora from time to time. Ergo, I'm incredibly psyched that I actually won something. All I had to do was retweet about the contest, easy peasy. I can't wait until this little ditty arrives in the mail. Just reading about it has me chomping at the bit. I've never really used a lip primer, and this one seems to offer the works. According to the Cover FX website, their lip treat-mint is "a protective, volumizing, and fortifying glazed balm to maintain youtful lips" (um, yes, please!) that hydrates and softens the appearance of fine lines, and contains refreshing peppermint. And, to sweeten the deal, it also has SPF 15, something I think is great since I reside down in the Sunshine State.

So, my dear readers, be sure to check back soon. Once I receive my prize in the mail, I'll test it out and give you a review!

Thanks again to Cover FX. They made my day!

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