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Sedu: My essential beauty tool

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God bless Sedu. I'm serious. This flat iron is so fantastic, I would move mountains to have it. I have had three brands of flat irons over the years, and this one is by far my favorite. I started off with the SuperStar at the suggestion of my stylist and it was a fantastic choice. It lasted me about two years before it stopped working. That is when I was introduced to the Sedu. My stylist had long since switched over. He'd used the Sedu on my hair several times, and I liked the results, but I didn't remember the brand. So, I went to ULTA to purchase a Chi. My SuperStar had been a gift from my mother, and it had cost $140, and I was more in the market to spend $100. I'd gotten an ULTA flyer advertising a Chi sale, so off I went. As I was perusing the selection of CHI's, I saw it. Cue the songs of angels. "Eureka," I thought. I've found it! Talk about fate. I met my hair soulmate in the isles of ULTA. Best of all, it was priced at $119, and I had a 20% off coupon. Done deal. I purchased it (the 1 1/2 inch plate flat iron pictured top), took it home, and boy was I pleased. I'd been happy with the results the SuperStar had been giving me, but that's only because I just didn't know the magic of Sedu. My hair was shiny, smooth, straight, and salon-gorgeous. Not only were the results amazing, I felt like it straightened my hair faster. I couldn't say why it did this. Maybe it was a hotter flat iron. It's been too long now since I've owned the SuperStar to remember how hot it would get. But I do remember noticing, that first time I used the Sedu, that the process of straightening my hair seemed easier, quicker.

Cut to two years later, when, gasp, my Sedu died. It was a sad sad day. Strangely enough, the same CHI sale was back on at ULTA, so, I just ran in and purchased it. I'd heard good things about the CHI after all, so, how much different could it be? Money was tight at the time and that $30 price difference mattered. I lasted with the CHI for about one year (maybe a little longer) before I was back at ULTA replacing it with the Sedu. I didn't even wait until the CHI stopped working. The CHI I'd purchased just didn't measure up. It wasn't one of the ones with troumaline plates.  My hair wasn't as shiny. I felt like I had to go over the same section of hair more often to get it to be as straight as I liked, and even then, it still wasn't the same result. But, I didn't want to just toss the money I'd spent out. It wasn't until I looked at a picture of my hair when I was still using the Sedu that I realized I wasn't just imagining the difference, I could see it. My hair was shiner when I used the Sedu. I'd had the CHI for a while, I'd gotten my money out of it. I could always keep it as a back up, I rationalized. The next morning, as I was doing my hair, I instantly felt better about my decision. There were the results I'd been missing for a year! At that moment I made my decision to stay loyal to my Sedu as long as I didn't find something better. I actually gave my CHI away to my boyfriend's sister, whose flat iron broke and she needed a replacement. Since I had an extra, I figured, why not? It was a nice thing to do, and she is a CHI fan, so it worked out well.

Fast forward a year and a half (from when I purchased Sedu number 2). My 1 1/2 inch Sedu is still holding strong. But now, I'm looking for a little more volume. I've been straightening (not just with a flat iron, but I've also had my hair relaxed, then went to the Japanese straightening treatment, and now the Brazilian straightening treatment) my hair for years, and was missing the volume I used to have. While I loved my Sedu, the 1.5 inch plates created a super slick, straight, pin straight flat hair. It had never bothered me before. I actually liked it. But, I also wanted to learn to create curls with my flat iron. I mean, what if I traveled and wanted to wear my hair curly and straight? I didn't want to have to pack a flat iron and curling iron. Enter Sedu Revolution (pictured second). The 1 inch plates with curved edges would allow me that versatility. I could flat iron, create curls, waves, and volume. So, I gave it to myself for Christmas this year. Actually, I purchased it (cost: $159.95) the day after Christmas from I got it last week. I haven't quite mastered curls just yet (need to practice), but I do have some more volume. The best part is, if I do want to straighten my hair the same way I had been (pin straight), I still can. It's just a matter of technique.

The Sedu Revolution holds true to its brand and my experience with it. I can heat style my hair and still have it look shiny and healthy. Although, I recommend using heat protectant (even though I don't use it as often as I should and still have healthy-looking hair, but I'm trying to get in the habit of using it because I want to keep my hair healthy). As a bonus, the Revolution can get even hotter than the original 1 1/2 inch plate iron (another reason to use the heat protectant with more regularity). It heats up to 450 degrees, while my other Sedu maxed out at 410. This is great news for ladies with thick and curly hair. What's more, the Revolution comes with a heat resistant travel case and an instructional DVD that shows you how to achieve different styles (e.g., curls, waves, and volume). I haven't watched the DVD yet, and probably should to learn the curling technique.

As if all that weren't enough, threw in a free travel-sized Sedu (valued at $50) that also included a cute travel case (in zebra print!) and a two-year warranty (valued at $14.95). Folica is great about honoring warranties. They have your purchase info on file, so if anything happens, all you have to do is fill out their warranty paperwork (it's a one-page sheet) and mail your item back to them, and they will replace it.

So, take it from someone that's had three Sedu's and three different brands of flat irons, this iron is worth the money. You won't be disappointed.

Have any of you used a Sedu? What are your thoughts? Is your flat iron as vital to your beauty routine as   it is to me? Do you have a flat iron brand you swear by? Share your thoughts!

Here's to fabulous hair!

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