Thursday, October 1, 2015

Beauty Product Favorites | September 2015

Today marks a first here at Girly Things. I've finally started making favorites videos. I was intimidated by the idea for a long time -- afraid I wouldn't have enough material to make those kinds of videos regularly. But then it dawned on me, I try out a lot of products. And a lot of the time, I don't end up reviewing them because, time. Filming individual product reviews is time consuming. So sometimes, by the time I get around to reviewing each item, no one really cares about them anymore. So, I end up with a bunch of tested products that I don't end up telling you about.

Well, no more.

I think bringing favorites videos to you will help resolve that. I can quickly tell you about several products I'm digging all in one video. I'm a bit nervous about whether I'll have something to talk about every month. But then again, why does that matter? I can share every month. I can share every other month. As long as I'm sharing, that's what matters, right? After all, it worked well with my blog posts about my favorite drugstore products.

Maybe I should start doing those again... or turn them into a video series. Thoughts? Do you prefer drugstore and high-end in separate videos, or just a mix of favorites that include both?

While you ponder on that question, let's go ahead and check out my first favorites video. Then don't forget to tell me what you thought and share it with your friends.

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