Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Haul + Mini Review | Freeman Beauty Face Masks

Shopping, shopping, and more shopping. A beauty fanatic's job never ends. Ha! My life is tough, eh? Well, thank goodness for sales because otherwise, I'd be facing a mountain of debt. Thankfully, strategic shopping keeps my fanatical obsession with beauty products from putting me in the poor house. In fact, I'm a smart gal, I stash money away every month in savings because: beauty and brains people. I can't actually live inside Sephora and ULTA shipping boxes. And planning for the future is important and stuff. But enough financial lessons, there are plenty of blogs out there dedicated to that topic. 

Speaking of smart shopping (although in my case still mildly exaggerated), I was watching a Youtube video over at Minimeeshie21's channel when the urge to buy everything hit. Isn't that the way it always goes? Youtube made me do it. I should probably limit my Youtube watching just to avoid temptation.

What am I saying?! You know I won't.

Anyway, she was talking face masks, which got me thinking that the only ones I have are my three mini GlamGlow masks. I've long since run out of my Queen Helene drugstore standbys and it was high time I tried out some Freeman Beauty masks since they get such great reviews. Plus, they have so many options. And they're cheeeeaaaaap. Add to that Mini Meeshie's BOGO coupon (Buy 3 Get 3) and it was like the shopping stars aligned in my favor. By the way, if you want that code, there's a link in my video that'll help you out. But you have to watch. How's that for incentive?

Check out which masks I bought and what I thought of the ones I've tried out so far. And don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe because you know it makes my day.

Items purchased: 
All masks purchased retailed for $4.29. If you spend $25 you get free shipping.


  1. I just got some dead sea mud masks in the mail but after watching this I want to try the Sparkling Pear Pore Cleansing Mask because I think the willow bark will be great for my breakouts.

  2. I used the Sparkling Pear one last night and I like it. I had a little breakout threatening to come out and today its all gone. The texture of the mask is a little more mousse-like than other mud masks, but I have to say, it still got stiff on my face. I don't mind it though.