Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Girly Things by *e* on Allure Magazine's Daily Beauty Reporter

As the title of this post suggests, I'm featured on Allure's Daily Beauty Report blog! You can see my video here or on Allure's YouTube Channel.  Now excuse me while I completely geek out.

If you follow Allure Magazine closely, you may have noticed they were recently holding their Beauty Blogger contest. What you didn't know was that this blog made it into the alternates list and I was asked to participate in the challenges as well. I had to keep it on the lo-lo, which was difficult considering I was pretty much acting like this. 

Basically, everyone who knew me thought I had lost my  mind. The other less logical theory was that I caught a leprechaun and was in possession of a pot of gold -- and I wasn't sharing. Now, I can finally reveal what had me skipping around like a love-struck teenager. And in case we don't fully appreciate how long I had to hold this secret in, notice I'm sporting totally different hair (Spoiler alert: If you don't follow me on IG, I have dark hair again). 

I didn't make it into the final contest (womp, womp!), but they liked my submissions so much, they still wanted to use them (woop woop!)

So, go check out the Revlon makeover I gave my sister and then leave a nice comment or two. In the meantime, I'll be over here, freaking out.

And making exactly that goofy face. You can watch my video and other submissions for the Beauty Blogger of the Year contest on Allure's video page and on The Scene (you've got options!)


  1. That's was so cool for you

  2. The C433 brush is not from Coastal Scents it is from Crown Brushes. That is why they are so different. I don't know why Coastal Scents would send you a Crown Brush.

  3. great post!