Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Favorite hair items from Sally Beauty Supply

1. Miracle 7 Leave-In Conditioning Mist ($14) | 2. Aloe and Olive Hot Oils ($2) | 3. Deep conditioner sample packets: Macademia Oil ($3.29), Ion Repair Reconstructor ($2.59), Silk Elements Mega Silk ($1.59) | 4. Hot n' Silky Tourmaline Flat Iron ($40)

I love finding beauty bargains at Sally Beauty Supply, especially when I stumble onto an awesome product when it's on sale. And over the years, I happy to say, I've stumbled on some gems.   One of my favorites is the Miracle 7 leave-in conditioning mist, which is basically a knock off for the popular It's a 10 leave-in conditioner. All of the ingredients are the same and so are the results -- soft hair with fewer split ends. The main difference? Sally's version will save you at least $5, more if you have a Sally card (which only costs $5 and you get a $5 coupon to use on your next purchase to offset the cost).

I'm also a huge fan of hot oil treatments to help moisturize my hair when it's getting a little dull and dry. They are great for imparting shine and moisture. For me, a hot oil treatment is a rare treat. I only do them once every few months, compared to my once-a-week hair mask. I'm particularly fond of the Procclaim Aloe and Olive hot oil masks and stock up on them whenever they go on sale for 99¢ (which is pretty often). They're really easy to use too. Just heat up some water, dip the bottle in for a few minutes, open and apply all over your hair, leave in for 10-20 minutes, and jump in the shower and wash it out.

But on a more regular basis, I'm a hair mask girl. And I love trying out new ones. Sally often puts the sample packets on sale for super cheap (often for 99¢ or for a little more than $1) and I'll pick up a variety of them. But don't let the word sample fool you. I can easily get at least two uses out of each packet when my hair is long. They're great to have on hand whenever I travel too, since the packets are super easy to pack. My favorites include the Ion Repair Resconstructor, Macadamia Oil, and Silk Elements Mega Silk masks. P.S. Yes, the Macadamia Oil mask is a dupe that popular (and pricey) one you see on YouTube all the time.

The last item on my list turned out to be a surprise gem. I purchased the Hot n' Silky tourmaline flat iron before my honeymoon, when I realized that my Sedu wouldn't work overseas because it wasn't dual voltage (which means the voltage abroad would've fried my precious iron). I didn't want to spend a lot on a flat iron for the trip, so I picked this one up at Sally when it was on sale for $26. Not only did it work great during my trip, I actually still reach for it pretty regularly. It will heat up to 450ยบ F and works like a charm. I was nervous because sometimes inexpensive hair tools can tend to fry my hair, but I haven't experienced that with this flat iron at all.

Do you have any favorite products you've found at Sally that've helped you save some money while still delivering great results?

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