Friday, January 17, 2014

Review: It Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe 6-piece Brush Set with Travel Case

I've been curious to give It Cosmetics a try for some time now after spending the better part of a year hearing and reading about people's great experiences with this brand. Almost everyone I follow who has used this brand has been thrilled with it.

Among the products I've heard people rave about are their brushes. But they're a bit pricey, which made it hard for me to take the plunge. I understand the value of a good brush, but I have so many makeup brushes, it was hard to justify the expense.

But this holiday season, It Cosmetics released a six-piece brush kit that I simply couldn't resist. For starters, the price was right ($39.50). But I was also in the market for a travel brush set. Let's be clear, I didn't need a travel set. I just always have a hard time narrowing down my selection to something reasonable when I'm on the go.  That's why I wanted a good set of brushes that I could have already packed up and ready to go at a moment's notice. This set fit the bill.

Since I'd been eyeing their brushes for a while, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Boy am I glad I finally did. These brushes are fantastic (even more so because they didn't break the bank).

Here's what It Cosmetics says about this set:
The ultra-luxurious, ultra-plush collection of brushes work with all your favorite products but take them to a new level of airbrush application! The sophisticated travel case flips around, becoming a vanity stand for your brushes.
 Each Heavenly Luxe Brush sets a new standard for quality and makes for the most effective distribution of your favorite cosmetics. The soft brush hair is perfect for all skin types. 
• 100% Synthetic, Cruelty-Free Hair.
• PETA Friendly.
• Pro-hygienic.
• Soft for even the most delicate skin
• High brush count for airbrush finishing
• Love at first application- guaranteed
The set includes:

• Heavenly Luxe Travel Multi-Powder Brush
• Heavenly Luxe Travel Flat Foundation Brush
• Heavenly Luxe Travel Flat Concealer Brush
• No-Tug Travel Crease Brush
• No-Tug Travel Allover Eye Shadow Brush
• No-Tug Eyeliner and Brow Brush with Spooly
• Travel case

Take a look at how nice they are. Talk about not skimping on aesthetics.

It Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe 6-pc brush set with travel case

Don't worry, they're more than just pretty. But the name Heavenly Luxe fits them quite well. These brushes are soft. Legit soft. Bunny rabbit soft. But they're vegan, so no bunnies were harmed in the making. You can tell they're good quality when you hold them, as they feel well balanced and comfortable in your hands. Plus, they look super sleek.

Using this brush set and my hands, I was able to complete a full face of makeup with no problem. The brushes packed on color and blended out makeup effortlessly and feel fantastic to the touch. You pretty much have almost everything you need. I say almost because I can't be without my MAC 217 (and it's dupes). But other than that, I didn't feel like I was missing a thing.

I like to use the concealer brush as an eye shadow brush because its shape and stiffness makes it great for packing on color. This worked out well for me because I tend to prefer using my fingers or sponges to apply concealer. I'm also totally in love with the blending brush. It's so fluffy and soft. Plus, I have a minor infatuation with blending brushes. They're my favorite kind of makeup brush. And this one is no exception. The all over shadow brush is also fluffy, but a little flatter, so it makes it great for laying down color and blending it out.

I'm also thrilled that this set includes a spooly because this is usually the item I'll forget to pack and then I have to improvise (think procuring a super cheap toothbrush or even using my hair brush -- it's not cute). Interestingly, that angled brush is stiff enough to be great for brows and liner, but still feels amazingly gentle on your skin.

And let's not leave out the face brushes. The powder/blush brush is the perfect size. I don't like oversized powder brushes as I find it difficult to control product placement. I feel the size of this brush and it's fluffy bristles make it easy to apply blush and powder precisely and blend it out flawlessly. The foundation brush is also a nice blend of fluffy bristles that allow you to blend without streaks, but are also rigid enough to help you pack color wherever you may need added coverage.

By the way, these brushes didn't shed either. Not when I used them and not when I washed them. And, they retained their shape nicely after washing.

It Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe 6-piece brush set with travel case
It Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe 6-pc brush set with travel case

This set comes with a soft black, faux leather travel case that's not overly bulky and has a velcro closure. It Cosmetics says the case can be flipped around to create a vanity stand for the brushes, but I didn't find it stayed propped up well. Not a deal breaker. I'm happy to just lay it flat on the counter top when in use. 

It Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe 6-piece brush set with travel case

Oveall, I'm over the moon with this brush kit. These brushes are soft, effective, and a great introduction to It Cosmetics' brush line. If you're in need of a travel set or just want a nice set of brushes, definitely give these a shot. You won't regret it. 

Do you have a set of brushes you reach for religiously for travel? Have you tried It Cosmetics brushes before? 


  1. Love your haul, you're so cute! I did my order online, hopefully it should be here early next week! I also got all of the Gwen Stefani colors (including the red, I had to!) and the UD Naked Basics! I also got the Lorac Pro to Go palette! So stoked to get them, I'll have to do a haul vid too!
    xo ~ Lia

  2. Ooooh I *really* like these colors, I'll have to look for them! PS ~ I love the shape of your nails, it's so fun!
    xo ~ Lia

  3. Yeah, I'm thinking of going back for the red. I feel like I left a soldier behind or something. I'll admit it's a bit extreme, but I'm having some serious non-purchase guilt.

    I have the Lorac Pro palette and have been eyeing that Go Pro one. I may just cave in. I keep telling myself I don't need it yet because I just go the Pro palette just before the holidays. But who am I kidding with all this logic?

  4. Thanks girl! I was just reading the other day that almond shaped nails are the new "it" shape and will be kicking stiletto nails to the curb. I feel so ahead of the game.

    I've only spotted this particular collection at Walgreens and CVS. They may have it at Rite Aid too, but we don't have those down here. The whole collection is really pretty. I keep thinking about that J-Lo color...

  5. LOL that's how I know I *really* want something too :) I really wanted the Lorac Pro Palette, but it sold out between my putting it in my cart and checking out :'( I really really want it badly. I'm stoked for the Pro to Go, I've heard such amazing things about it...and you can *never* have too many neutral shadows! (I think we share the same logic ha!)

  6. I read that too! I really like the shape alot, I may need to give it a shot... you're so ahead of the game! I'll have to head to Walgreens to try to find it, I love the colors! And your swatches rock :)

  7. It's been in pretty high demand. Last time I was at ULTA one of the sales girls had to tell someone they were sold out at least twice in the visit.

  8. Went to ULTA, found the Pro to Go. Purchased it. Then proceeded to order the new Nars palette. Do we think perhaps I'm set on neutral shades? Good lord. I can't resist them! Thank goodness I had gift cards. None of the purchases count now, right? I paid nothing from my own pocket. They were gifts. Tell me you agree.

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