Monday, March 11, 2013

Manicure Monday: Matte Wet Cement

I have an immense love for nail polish. You've probably figured that out considering I share a new manicure with you every week. So, it must come as no surprise that I spend a lot of time perusing manicures and nail polish pictures on Pinterest (by the way, you can follow my pins on Pinterest here). It was on Pinterest that I learned about matte nails. I love how you can play with finishes to give your favorite polishes a new look and feel.

As I was perusing, I stumbled upon the awesome manicure shown below. It caught my attention because I just so happen to love grey nail polish. I have quite a few different greys in my collation and I  just loved the idea of giving them a bit of a new life.
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So after seeing that photo I was determined to find a matte top coat -- many thanks to my sister for finding Essie's Matte About You at the beauty supply store that's only open to industry professionals because that means I  got it at a discount (whoop whoop!). Once I got my hands on Matte About You, the matte grey mani was going to be the first things I tried (I'm also itching to try out fun nail designs with the matte top coat). I rifled through my collection and settled on using Sally Hansen's Wet Cement, which is one of my favorite grays (well, really they are all my favorites). I also figured this color would be easy for everyone to find if they wanted to replicate the look. 

With the pin as my inspiration, here's how my matte grey manicure turned out:

I like it. Maybe I'll have someone take a pic of my hands while I'm holding a coffee mug or bowl too so I can really mimic my photo inspiration.

What do you think of the matte trend? In my opinion it works well and some colors and not so great with others, for example, I wasn't a huge fan of how Charisma looked when it was matte. But I think it works well with pastels and dark hues. I may need to experiment a bit more to see what other colors I like to see in a matte finish. This top coat may just bring a whole new life to my polish collection.

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