Friday, March 8, 2013

Review: Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids

By now you've probably seen the new Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids lipstick line . When I first saw this line of lipsticks I was a little intimidated by some of the colors. But I purchased Vivid Rose because I'm a sucker for a hot pink, plus, I thought it might be a dupe for Girl About Town. Alas, it wasn't, but I quickly discovered how much I loved that lipstick and it prompted me to buy more. 

If you've used the ColorSensational lipstick line, then you know Maybelline makes an amazing product and the Vivids line is no exception. What you'll get:
  • Amazing, high-end color pay off for a drugstore cost ($5.99 - $7.99 depending on where you get it)
  • Amazingly bright color selection that's surprisingly wearable -- so you can jump on the trend
  • Creamy formula that's glides on easily and isn't drying
  • Fun, trendy colors that are accessible to everyone
  • A satin finish for just a hint of shine

Check out the swatches below:

Fuschia Flash is a pretty pretty pink. To me, it looks less fuchsia and more of like a candy pink. In fact, it something I think Elle Woods from Legally Blonde would gravitate towards. I purchased it after a reader posted a comment on Facebook and said she'd heard that Fuchsia Flash is supposed to be a dupe for MAC's Candy Yum Yum. I don't own Candy Yum Yum, but now that I have Fuchsia Flash, I may need to take a trip to the MAC counter and swatch them side by side to see for myself. Has anyone else heard this? Can anyone confirm if it's true?

Next up, is Hot Plum, a bright purple-pink that is bright, fun, and just a little different from your average pink lipstick. I actually thought it might be a close call for yet another MAC lipstick that I don't own (Violetta), but I don't think it is. Maybe Brazen Berry in the collection comes close, does anyone out there know?  Regardless, I love the color. The photo you see above is under a daylight bulb, while the one below is in natural daylight. When I first saw it, I shied away, it looked so bright I was intimidated. I mean, I like some of the plum hues that come around in fall, but I wasn't sure how I'd feel about the purple tones in a bright neon. I'm glad I finally faced my fear because it was totally wearable.

Finally, my favorite of the bunch, Vivid Rose. I bought it first for a reason after all, it attracted my attention first. It's a beautiful bright neon pink that leans toward a deep, bright rosy hue. And if you've seen my video about my favorite hot pink lipsticks then you know how much I love this baby. It might not be a dupe for MAC Girl About Town, like I first thought, but it turns out, it's a dead ringer for OCC's lip tar in Anime. I show you in the video, so you should definitely check that out.

What do you think of the Vivids collection? Have you tried it? Are you a fan? Which is your favorite Vivid? And are you brave enough to wear the bright trend? Comment and tell me what you think below!

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  1. Hi! I swatched MAC's Candy Yum Yum and Fuchsia Flash on my hand yesterday and they looked very very similar! Candy Yum Yum might be a little bit more blue based, but I think that Fuchsia Flash is definitely one of the closest drugstore dupes on the market color-wise right now... However, the finish is not similar at all, Candy Yum Yum is a true matte and Fuchsia Flash is more of a satin finish, very pigmented but with a sheen. I'm gonna get CYY anyways but I've been wondering how FF would look with a bit of translucent powder on top to make it matte... Nice review! I'm totally getting one of these soon, probably Shocking Coral. Xo