Monday, September 10, 2012

Manicure Monday: Rain Storm

I'm on a bit of a blue polish kick. Last week it was Ocean Side, a pretty bright fall blue with a hint of dustiness to it that made it a great transition polish to come into fall. This week, as promised, I have a much darker and more fall-like color. Dare I say, I think it's dark enough that it could also work well in the winter, whenever you want to veer away from the black and greys an add a little color to your life. Rain Storm fits the bill and I just absolutely love this color. It's a beautiful steel blue. It has just enough of a grey tone that it lets the navy blue show through so it isn't confused with black. But it's still dark, so it's not screaming, "Look at me!" 

This polish is a grown up blue that can pull off a double-duty personality. It  would fit in nicely in a conservative office - giving you a little edge that still blends in well with you business attire. And it would look great on the weekend. No need to make a choice between an office mani and a weekend mani with this one. Rain Storm will take you from a Saturday night out with friends to Monday morning at the office without raising any eyebrows. 

It's funny, I just love my bright polishes when spring and summer roll around and have a momentary pang of sadness when I start to phase them out for fall and winter's darker hues. And then I realize that I'd just forgotten how much I love a sultry, edgy nail after so much fun gallivanting with the brights. But it's true. I love the mystery and edginess that a dark polish brings to any look. And since its fall, you know what that means for my polish... that's right, Zoya Kelly is coming back out to play.

And since I'm feeling a bit daring with my office-friendly rock n' roll blue polish, I'm going to go ahead and put this out there: I think Sinful Colors Rain Storm is the blue-based sister to Zoya Kelly. If you're a fan of Kelly's dusty grey purple, then you'll probably love Rain Storm as well. I have a feeling these two polishes will be competing for my attention. 

Incidentally, what is it with me and choosing to wear nail polish colors whose names so appropriately seem to go with things happening in life? I did my nails on Sunday, which started off and ended with some pretty fierce storms here in the bay area. Just a little something I've noticed.

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