Monday, September 26, 2011

Manicure Monday: The Return of Zoya Kelly

Fall is back and with it the resurgence of one of my favorite nail polishes: Zoya Kelly. I've been promising a better picture than I had last season, so when I finally applied her to my nails again I had to share. I hope no one minds the repeat. Don't worry, I will have plenty of new things to share. Here's a closer look at Kelly.

What are some of your go-to polishes for fall and winter? Are there any favorites you're excited to dust off and wear again?


  1. That's a great color! I'm looking forward to bringing out the black and bordeaux polishes.

  2. I know, me too! I've been missing my dark polishes!!

  3. I just picked up essie's devil's advocate and its a beautiful wine color. I am also sporting on my nails Revlon Steel-my Heart which I really love too.

  4. Seems like your ready for some fall colors as well :)