Thursday, January 20, 2011

Review: Sally Hansen Diamond 12-hour Lip Treatment

I recently picked up a Sally Hansen Diamond 12-hour lip treatment during one of my various CVS visits, where I found all the shades to be on sale. I decided I wanted to add the shade Princess to my lip product arsenal. I'm definitely glad I did. It's quickly become one of my go-to lip glosses. The color is absolutely lovely, a beautiful nude. Perfect for daytime or to pair with a fiercely dramatic eye at night.  Check out the swatch below.

Alright, so let's tell you a little about how this product performs. It goes on nicely, as the gloss is creamy and not overly thick, while still being substantial. And, as you can see in the photo above, it's also nicely pigmented. This is not a thin watery lipgloss that barely shows up on your lips. It delivers color and shine. 

The applicator is a brush tip applicator, just like MAC's Dazzle Glass glosses. I happen to like brush applicators because I like how they distribute product onto the lips. I'd also say the consistency is kind of similar to the Dazzle Glass. It is not, however, shimmery like the Dazzle Glasses (at least not this color, but I don't think it's supposed to be), or nearly as sticky. These go on smoothly, and are moisturizing, but they don't stay on long (a bit of a consequence to the less sticky consistency). I can't say I agree with the 12-hour moisturizing power that these claim. I haven't really tested that out thoroughly. Since I had to reapply the product, I can't really say how long the moisturizing effects lasted. It's easy to keep your lips moisturized if you keep applying said moisturizing product. Regardless, I like the product so much, I didn't really care whether or not the 12-hour claim was true. I purchased the gloss for the color and was sufficiently pleased with the pigmentation and consistency. A word to the wise, I have read that some of the lighter pink shades are not as pigmented. However, the darker shades are supposed to be true to the color you see in the tube, which I found to be the case with Princess. 

Not only do you get a nice smooth gloss, at an affordable price, but I also adore how this gloss smells. To me, it smells like cupcake batter. Every time I swipe it on my lips I have visions of sprinkle-y, yummy yellow cupcakes or Cold Stone cake batter ice cream. I think that's a nice vision to conjure up, and certainly not an offensive smell. However, you happen to prefer odorless lip products (and I know there are plenty of ladies out there that do), this is not the product for you.

Below is a picture of the Diamond lip treatment applicator. 

All in all, I'm really happy with this purchase, especially at the killer price I got it for (75% off!). I totally plan to go try to purchase another one (possibly another color, though I am positively giddy with Princess), especially now that I have a $1 off coupon. I would certainly recommend it to someone looking for a pretty lip gloss that is affordable, delivers color and shine, and moisturizes your lips (even if I can't say if it lasts 12 hours or not). Just one caveat, if you wear it, make sure to bring it with you, since you'll definitely need to reapply (but I think that's a given for any lip gloss). 

Have you tried Sally Hansen's Diamond 12-hour lip treatments? What did you think of them? 

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