Tuesday, June 2, 2015

New Release: OCC Spring/Summer 2015 Cosplay Collection

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Cosplay

Heeeeeyyyyy everybody! I'm back. Sorry for the disappearing act. It'd be easy to lie and say I was super busy. But really, I was just choosing to spend my time doing other things. You can read that as -- whenever I had time off, I chose to go to the beach instead of film videos and blog. I'm in Florida. I have to take advantage of the main attraction. Can you really blame me? You can't spend all your life in front of a computer screen, because YOLO. 

(Wait, are people still saying YOLO?)

But anyway, I'm back today with a little announcement for all of you Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics fans. They released their spring/summer 2015 collection and it's a fun array of bright colors inspired by world of cosplay. Gotta be honest, I'm totally out of the loop when it comes to cosplay. But, I'm totally digging on this new collection which includes six lip tars and six lacquers. 

But before we jump into the colors and stuff, can we just take a moment to admire how gorgeous Willam Belli looks in the promo pic (wearing Cosplay on lips and nails)? I'm jealous. He needs to come help me look more like a girl on the daily because my lazy ass is always in yoga pants and t-shirts. 

Ok, now let's check out the collection in the photo below, along with pricing and color descriptions.  

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Cosplay Collection, @girlythingsby_e

I didn't receive any press samples, so I don't have much to share in the way of swatchs (except for Memento which I already owned from some time back). But that's totally ok. Window shopping (computer screen shopping?) is still fun. So instead of swatches, I'm sharing which items I'd pick out of the crowd if I were shopping the collection. 

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Cosplay Collection Favorites @girlythingsby_e

As a neutral-loving gal, I'm totally amazed by all you brave beauties who rock fun rainbow-colored lips. Seriously, kudos to you! The most daring lip shades I wear are violet hues. And even then, the shades still fall squarely into the "wearable" category. And by that I mean they might be bright, but they're still on the safe side. If I wore them to the office (with subdued makeup), no one would alert the dress code police. So it's probably no surprise that my lip tar choices are the two pink shades in the collection. 

Femme, described as a true baby pink, looks like a fun way take your humdrum every day pink and update it for spring and summer. It's light but still looks brighter than your every day office pink so it can serve a fun pop of color that's safe but not too boringly neutral.  

Memento, described as a mid-tone pink/plum neutral, has to make it into my top picks because I already own it. How could I not pick it? It falls squarely in the safe-bet selection. It's neutral undertones and subdued shade make it a perfect everyday lip color for those of us who like wearing pink. As you can see from the swatch below, this looks more like a mid-tone pink (at least on me). I'm not really seeing the plum tones. This leads me to wonder, did OCC reformulate Memento or am I just not very good at seeing and describing colors? The second option isn't that far fetched. I've been known to muck up a color description from time to time when left to my own devices. I'm human.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar Memento, @girlythingsby_e, swatch

Choosing only a few nail polishes was much more difficult. I'm a bit more daring with color on my nails than I am with it on my lips, so I could easily see myself wearing almost every color in the collection. But I limited my selection to four shades.

Femme -- Clearly I chose this one because I have a weakness for pink nail polish. It's easily the most abundant shade in my collection with more duplicates than I care to admit. I just gravitate to them. I can't help myself. And a creamy light pink? Done. I love it for both fingers and toes.

Cha Cha -- This fun pale tangerine shade screams poolside pedicure to me so I would just have to have it. Seems like a fun alternative to my go-to coral during the spring and summer.

Belladona -- While pink is my most purchased nail polish shade, purple (and blue) are a close second. And this electric violet would simply have to join my polish club. I love it for nails and toes. But depending on how bright it is in real life it may end up on my toes more often because grown up stuff sometimes demands subdued manicures. Those are the times that being grown is the pits.

John Doe -- I love a taupe manicure. It's a nice way to do neutral when you're not in the mood to wear nude polish.

Now you tell me, what are your top picks from this collection?


  1. Can I use it closer to the bottom of my bikini line near my butt? Is that safe?

  2. Hi there. As long as you're not putting it inside your privates, I think you should be ok.