Friday, April 10, 2015

Breakups to Makeup Launches at Sephora Today

I'm super excited to share with you a new beauty launch at Sephora. Breakups to Makeup, an accessories brand known for its quirky cosmetics-related slogans (and an always popular booth at The Makeup Show), has partnered with SEPHORA COLLECTION to make its cheeky accessories more easily accessible to fans and beauty and fashion aficionados nationwide. Starting today, you'll be able to purchase three of the brands awesome makeup clutches on and Sephora stores across the US and Canada. 

Two of Breakups to Makeup's signature clutches will be included in the launch. Perhaps you're familiar with them. The signature makeup clutches include the phrases: "Losing you would hurt, but losing my makeup bag would be a tragedy" and (my personal favorite) "I would cry, but my mascara is designer". 

Breakups to Makeup makeup clutches available at Sephora

The third clutch is a SEPHORA COLLECTION exclusive and reads, "Life is short, wear more makeup". 

Breakups to Makeup Sephora exclusive, LIfe is short wear more makeup

The clutches will retail for $24, are screen printed, made of durable canvas material and spacious (8.5" x 8.5"). Use them to store your makeup for travel or carry it as a clutch and show it off (they're so cute, you'll definitely want to). 

I'm going to need to get my hands on the mascara one and am excited to see if the partnership with Sephora will lead to future collections. Do you have a favorite? 
Congratulations to Angelique Velez, Breakups to Makeup founder, on this amazing accomplishment. We wish you the best and if you're in need of someone to help you come up with cheeky slogans, I'm here for ya. 

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