Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Review & Swatch: Inglot Lipstick #140

The longer I blog, the more my love for lipstick grows. When I first started out, I was more of a gloss girl. It was less intimidating and more fool proof. But as I've gotten braver about my beauty choices, I've discovered I'm rather fond of a bold lip.

My growing lipstick collection includes a mix of high-end and drugstore selections. But when I'm choosing a new lipstick to add to the stash, I look for four main things: the color (Do I like it? Does it compliment my skin?), finish (I tend to favor creams, satins, and mattes and avoid anything too frosty), pigmentation (Does it offer good color pay off or is it sheer?), and moisturizing properties (Is it creamy and moisturizing? Am I willing to forgo this for color and performance?).

I recently went through this exact though process when I acquired my first Inglot lipstick in #140 at The Makeup Show.

Inglot, lipstick, #140, swatch, review, @girlythingsby_e

First of all, look at that amazing color! It's a beautiful red-blue fuchsia cream that I was immediately drawn to. I'm also totally digging the pretty metal black case. It looks so sleek! And while the packaging isn't a deciding factor, it's certainly a nice little aesthetic bonus once I make a purchase. Plus, when you buy a higher end product, you kind of expect something more in the area of presentation.

But the luxe quality of this Inglot shade doesn't stop with the pretty packaging. Just check out the color payoff and gorgeous hue. If only the picture could show you how lovely it feels.

Inglot, lipstick, #140, swatch, @girlythingsby_e
Inglot lipstick #140 swatch
Let there be no question as to why I love this lipstick. When I swatched this color at the Inglot booth, I was in love. It's creamy and smooth and feels incredible on your lips, thanks to a formula infused with Vitamin E and kernel oil. Also, the shade is right up my alley. As you probably know, I love a fuchsia lip (here's video proof). And, oh by the way, you get this kind of color pay off pretty much as soon as you swipe it on your pucker.

Later, when I got it home, I realized the reason I was so in love with it is that it's nearly a perfect match for MAC's Girl About Town (basically my favorite lipstick). The only visible difference I can detect (upon really close side-by-side inspection) is that #140 is slightly redder. It's not immediately apparent to the naked eye. But it shows a little more on camera. Dare I say, I think Inglot's version is a bit creamier and more moisturizing? I dare. But let it be said the difference isn't overly significant. (P.S. I'm still on the hunt for a satisfying drugstore dupe, not a close-enough dupe)

My experience with my first Inglot lipstick has been positive. I've found it's comparable to other high end lines it competes with (such as MAC) in terms of pigmentation and performance -- something I already expected after using their shadows. But what I also like, is that you get to save a little money. Since I've already started comparing it to MAC Girl About Town, let's stick to it. Inglot retails for $12 here in the US (I paid $9 at the show), while MAC retails for $15. A $3 savings might not seem that impressive compared to how much you can save at the drugstore, but it's still money in your pocket. And in my book that counts, especially since you're not compromising prestige, look and quality.

As for how it wears throughout the day, it's pretty much as expected for a creamy lipstick. This isn't meant to be long wearing, so you'll definitely need to carry it with you and reapply. Hey, no one said a bold lip wasn't a little high maintenance.

Another little thing you should know: It has a fruity smell. For the sake of comparison, the scent is really similar to that of Milani color statement lipsticks.

Have you tried Inglot lipsticks? Are you a fan? Do you agree with my assessment? If you're new to the brand, are you likely to give these a try?

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