Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Photo Inspiration: The Maxi Dress

Let's just put this out there from the onset: I love a maxi dress.

It's perhaps the easiest way to roll out of bed, throw something on, and still look like you put some effort into your outfit. Maybe I love them so much because I'm lazy. Or maybe I can blame the Florida heat that makes essentially all clothes unbearable during the summer. Or possibly, I love them so much because I like to eat cake and ice cream and easily camouflage it.

But honestly, what's not appealing about an outfit that requires minimal effort, flatters pretty much everyone, is comfortable, and incredibly versatile?

They're loose. They're drappy. They're romantic. They're forgiving. And you can look absolutely amazing and fashionable wearing one, while still looking approachable and down to earth.

Who doesn't want to look like they're zen and low key? I think a maxi is the wardrobe equivalent of a Xanax. The best part: you don't need a prescription. You can wear a maxi and enjoy some cocktails. And while they may be addicting (I can't seem to stop buying them), they won't endanger your health.

Photo credit: Pinterest here and here
Just look at how relaxed and casual the ladies in these photos look? And none of them look overly put together. It's probably the one bohemian style I feel comfortable pulling off.

I simply love how easy it is to style. Wear it alone with flats or throw on a hat and some casual jewelry for a relaxed and casual style. With the maxi, it's all about how you accessorize (kind of like your plain little black dress). You can take the same dress from daytime-beach-stroll-cool to evening appropriate, styling it in so many ways that people might not notice you're repeating it as often as you are.

Photo credit: Lex What Wear
In the summer, when you don't want to wear too much extra fabric, grab your favorite light weight scarf and layer it over a plain maxi to give it a little extra pop of color or pattern.  I love how Lex What Wear styled her black maxi with a colorful infiniti scarf and she skipped looping the scarf, making it a lot easier to breathe when the temps rise. I also like using a regular, over-sized scarf with a fun print or color and just leaving it open and flowing in the breeze (so it doesn't end up feeling like it's choking me in the heat).

Photo credits (left to right): Pinterest/Wendy's Look Book/Atlantic-Pacific
Add a jacket to the mix and you can edge up this girly style and even use the jacket to make a dressier fabric more casual. I especially like how the photo on the right mixed the casual belt and jacket with the dressier fabric and heels. Layering your maxi with a jacket is also great when the temperature starts dropping and you're not quite ready to give up your maxi dress comfort. And don't forget the difference adding a belt can make to the look and style of your maxi. 

Photo credit Pinterest herehere, and here
Just like you can dress it down, a simple change of jewelry, shoes, and makeup can transform this into an evening appropriate look you can wear to a soiree, date, or even a wedding. I like dressing up a maxi with a strappy pair of heels or sandals, a few key pieces of jewelry (chunky or delicate depending on the dress), sun-kissed makeup, and a hairstyle that's done, but still loose and relaxed. 

Photo credit: Pinterest here and here

My favorite way to wear a maxi? Simply. Just the dress, some sandals, earrings or a cute necklace, and a fedora.  What about you? 

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