Thursday, May 26, 2011

Memorial Day Sale: The Body Shop (online exclusive)

As I mentioned in my previous Bath & Body Works post, Memorial Day weekend is a big sale weekend. I just got an email from The Body Shop letting me know they are having a sale. You can either buy three items and get two free, or buy two items and get one free. It's an online only sale, so I'm going to tell you how you can save even more. Do I have your attention yet?

Ok, so normally, I wouldn't suggest buying online for a store you can visit in person because you are usually going to end up spending more because of shipping costs (unless you are spending their minumum amount for free shipping). The only way I usually do it, is if  I'm already going to spend the minimum for free shipping. That way, I can save extra buy shopping through ebates. This way, I'm not spending more, but I'm also getting cash back. Yes, cold, hard, cash. As in, here is a check for some money. No joke. Basically, what you do, is you join ebates, log in to your account, and visit your retailers through the ebates links. It's very similar to shopping through the online malls that credit card companies offer (to earn double and triple rewards points). It's safe. I use it and my friends use it. Now, ebates links will take you to the retailers online site, except that because you used that link, you are also earining cash back percentages that ebates sends directly to you. Essentially, you are getting paid to buy something you would have bought anyway. Different retailers have different cash back percentages, and during holidays (like Valentine's Day or Christmas or President's Day) some retailers up the ante and give you extra cash back. I know during Valentine's Day, Sephora was offering double cash back through ebates, which I think ended up being 8-10 percent. I bought Mr. Girly Things a cologne he wanted through and not only bought it for cheaper than I could find it anywhere else (he has expensive taste), but I used a coupon code and got something like 8 percent cash back on it (I think). I double saved on top of the fact that the retailers list price was the lowest I'd found.

Well, let's sweeten this Body Shop deal I'm sharing with you. Since it's online only, the store is throwing in free shipping on any purchase. Great, now we're talking. So, I go to ebates, and (tada!) The Body Shop is included in their online retailers, and they are offering 5 percent cash back. Nice! So now, all I have to do is buy the items I was going to get anyway (been wanting some Satsuma house oils) and earn some cash while I save.

The Body Shop's buy three get two or buy two get one free sale also extends to their makeup line. You can mix and match items as well. If you're a Body Shop fan, have fun online shopping this weekend! Then come back here and tell me what you got and whether you were a savvy gal and earned yourself some cash back.

Happy shopping!


  1. Ebates is the best! You gotta love free money!

  2. I am so mad that The Body Shop moved out of my mall. SO MAD. Now I have to shop online!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. @Bonnie - They moved out of your mall?! But why?! That must make it difficult to shop since you can't smell things before you get them.