Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Review: Sephora Flashy Liner

From left to right: Silver, Mauve, Copper, Brown, Blue, Green, Black

I've been meaning to write a post about the Sephora Brand Flashy Liners. I really like them. I think they are quite comparable to the Urban Decay (UD) 24/7 liners. I wouldn't say the colors match completely, but the quality of these liners is excellent. They are creamy and glide on smoothly much like the UD liners. They are waterproof and have excellent wear. When I got the holiday set, which came with seven liners for $20, I did the swatch above. I tried to rub it off, and they did not budge (once they set that is, because you can smudge them if that is the look you are going for, you just have to work quickly same as with the UD liners). I was too lazy to wash it off and fell asleep that night with the swatch on my hand. The swatches were still there the next morning: unsmudged. I had to use soap and water to remove them, they didn't just wipe off with water. These liners stood up to quite the test. I don't recommend sleeping with your makeup on, but the liners stayed put on my hand that night.

Since then, I have worn some of these liners (mostly the black and brown) as they are meant to be used, and they did well, as I expected after having the swatches last through the night. I've worn them on my water line (NOTE: always remember to disinfect our makeup before and after using it on your waterline) and they stayed put. They come off pretty easily with eye makeup remover.

I definitely recommend these liners to anyone who may want something similar to the UD liners but with a bit of a smaller price tag. As mentioned, the holiday set, which includes seven liners (not full sized, but still a good size) was $20. If you aren't really into color liners and just want your basic black and brown, the full-sized, individual versions are $8. UD's liners (individual prices) are $17. This is by no means intended to dissuade anyone from getting UD's 24/7 Glide On liners. I have Bourbon, which is a shimmery dark brown,  and I absolutely adore it. I got it as part of a kit that included the half backed shadow and a glitter liner. I completely understand why UD liners have a cult following, and you do get a lot more color options with UD. However, I do think that Sephora's Flashy liners are a good alternative if you need to pinch a few pennies (or in this case $9).

A few notes: The Silver is a little whitish, but its still kind of metallic. I used it for a while when I needed white, and though it wasn't a bright white (like UD's Yeyo or NYX's Jumbo Pencil in Milk), which I don't really think its supposed to be, it did an OK job at substituting. But once I got Milk, then I was really able to see the difference. However, it's definitely a light light silver. Also, the mauve wasn't really a favorite for me. It just didn't go that great with the looks I tried it out with. But, for $20, if one of the colors is a bust, I think I still got my money's worth. I still like the silver, it's the mauve that really isn't getting any use.

I will certainly purchase some of these colors again.

Have any of you tried these? How did you like them?

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