Tuesday, December 29, 2009

NARS Christmas Goodies

Jolly Ol' St. Nick was generous with me this year! I made out pretty well. I got some NARS makeup as you can see (duo lip gloss set), my mom scored it at TJ Maxx for a fraction of the price at, well, pretty much anywhere. These glosses are quite nice! They are just sheer enough and provide a decent color pay off. I love them. I'm growing quite fond of the NARS line. Below are the swatches.

My mom also came across a NARS eyeshadow palette. The colors are gorgeous and as can be expected from NARS shadows, they are highly pigmented giving an awesome color payoff. These colors are silky, smooth, and blend well. I love them so much! Check them out below:

Here are the swatches as well. For some reason, the highlight colors didn't show up as well, but they are nicely pigmented, maybe it's because I'm so pale. Anyway, they are highlight colors, so they won't be as dark as the darker colors. It seems that in my excitement I forgot to swatch the Bohemian Gold. I will get a swatch of that up. I actually used it the other day (sorry no pics taken) and the color is quite pretty, so I will swatch it and add it to this post later.

I'm also the happy owner (though I got this before Christmas) of NARS blush. I have Deep Throat, which is a pretty peachy shimmery color. I love it! I got the kit that came with the Striptease lip gloss. Striptease is almost like a skin tone color, but it looks great alone or even over pretty much all lipsticks.

Deep Throat

Strip Tease

Are there any NARS products that you are crazy about?

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