Friday, June 14, 2013

Photo Inspiration: Bold lips

We all seek inspiration in different places. Whether it's on Pinterest, magazines, your favorite shows, or just watching people on the street -- there are so many opportunities to get our creative fires burning every day. As I was perusing the internet for to spark ideas (whether new products to try or looks to attempt to recreate), I thought why not share some of the things that I find that help inspire the posts that eventually end up on this blog or YouTube. From beauty to fashion to home decor or anything else that inspires the trends we all eventually want to try, I'd like to share some photos to help inspire us all.

With that said, I wanted to start with one of my favorite looks: the bold lip. This is one that really took me a while to warm up to because it intimidated me. I felt like I couldn't pull it off. Like I was a little girl playing with her mother's makeup. But in reality, simple makeup with a bold lip can work for just about anyone. You just have to find the shade that you're most comfortable with. For me, red was the gateway. But finding the right shade of red took a while.  Once I found it and started to feel comfortable wearing it, I started to venture out and discovered just how much I love a bright, bold lip.

Photo found on Google
This is absolutely my favorite way to wear a bold lip. I just love how her lashes bring attention to her eyes without competing with that rich bold neon pink lip. 

Photo credit Glamour's The Girl's in the Beauty Department
A bold lip doesn't always have to be super bright, I love how Emma Stone rocks this softer hue and still makes it the focus of her look.

Photo credit: Milani Blog
Violet might look intimidating but it's an incredibly fun and unexpected color to wear.

Photo found on Google
Of course, we can't forget a classic red pout, and I think no one rocks a red lip quite like Gwen Stefani. I wonder just how many different shades of red lipstick are in her makeup drawer?

Photo found on Google
And don't forget that lipstick isn't the only way to achieve a bold look. If you're not a lipstick girl or you want to lighten your makeup up for summer, try a boldly colored lip gloss, stain, or tinted balm.

Photo found on Pinterest
Don't let a bold hue intimidate you. As with all makeup, it's all about wearing it with confidence and finding a color that works for you by making sure it compliments your skin tone (think cool, warm, or neutral tones). How do you feel about a brightly colored kisser? What are some of your favorite hues?

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