Monday, May 13, 2013

Manicure Monday: Nordstrom Nail Colors

Nordstrom recently joined the nail polish game, releasing its own line of nail polishes earlier this year. The line is meant to stand side-by-side with other high-end polishes like Butter London and Deborah Lippman. In fact, at my store, you'll even find them displayed next to each other.

I first spotted the line in stores in March and I was drawn to their great color selection (27 colors for their first release). I didn't purchase any that day because they were having an event, the store was packed, and the hubs didn't really want to wait around (couldn't blame him, it was a mad house). But when I visited again during the Spring/Summer Beauty Trend event last month, I couldn't resist. Crowds be damned. I needed to take some of them home.

I have to say, I was impressed by the color pay off and quality of the polish. It can definitely go head to head with some of its more expensive competitors. Here are a few things you might want to know about Nordstrom's polish line:

  • They retail for $8.50 each or 2 for $15
  • They're toluene, formaldehyde, DBP, and camphor free
  • They're meant to be long-wearing, fast-drying
  • They reinforce and protect your nails

The polish packaging is a square bottle with a square top. Simple, but cute and similar to Cover Girl's polish packaging. I like it because it's sturdy and it won't topple over easily (like some thinner bottles - ahem Julep). It has an average-sized brush, which is great for me because I feel it gives me better control over the polish application compared to the wider brushes some brands have been releasing lately.  However, because the bottle top is large and square shaped, it makes the brush handle seem short and it feels odd in my hands during application. But that's nothing I couldn't get used to quickly.

When it came to polish application, Nordstrom got it right. The polish itself is thin compared to OPI and OCC, but comparable in consistency to Butter London and Zoya. It's just a hint watery, but in a good way because it goes on really smoothly and doesn't feel like tar. But the best part is that even with the thinner consistency this polish packs a punch.

The color pay off you get with one coat is impressive. And while one coat leaves it just the slightest bit sheer, it's still smooth and vibrant. The second coat of polish makes your manicure completely opaque. Your nails feel harder and stronger but the polish doesn't feel heavy or thick.

Here are the four colors that I purchased:

Sinful Colors base coat, two coats of Bikini Pink, China Glaze Fast Forward top coat
Bikini pink is a bright and vibrant medium, warm-toned creme pink, aptly named, since it reminds me of the shade of bright pink you often see during the summer on beach towels and bikinis. I'd say it looks like a color you'd see in a Florida sunset, but more opaque.

Sinful Colors base coat, two coats of Bloom, China Glaze Fast Forward top coat
Bloom is a beautiful, soft barbie pink, kind of like a pink hibiscus flower.  Also a creme finish, this hue gives your nails a candy-coated finish.

Sinful Colors base coat, two coats of Firecracker, China Glaze Fast Forward top coat
Firecreacker, also a creme polish, is a red-toned coral. It's bright and gorgeous and reminds me of Butter London Macbeth and Sinful Colors Thimbleberry (check them out here). The main difference is that Firecracker is more coral than red. When I compared them side by side on my nails, the difference was apparent.

Sinful Colors base coat, two coats of Jazzy Jade, China Glaze Fast Forward top coat
I was totally drawn to Jazzy Jade because it's such a fun hue of green. Like the other three, Jazzy Jade is also a creme finish (if you haven't picked up on this, creme finish polishes are my favorite) and jade is an appropriate color descriptor.

I absolutely loved this color and that's probably because it's nearly identical to one of my favorite green polishes: Sinful Colors Rise and Shine. Check it out below.

Sinful Colors base coat, two coats of Rise and Shine, China Glaze Fast Forward top coat
 The main difference between Rise and Shine and Jazzy Jade is that Jazzy Jade is a true creme and Rise and Shine has a subtle shimmer. It's so subtle, in fact, that I never noticed it until I held both polishes next to each other and I even had trouble getting the shimmer to pick up on camera.

My only complaint with Jazzy Jade is that it stains like crazy. When I removed the polish it stained my nails (even with a base coat) and fingers. I had green fingers for a few days before it faded off my skin. But thankfully, a quick buffing removed the stain from my nails.

Here's a photo of my stained fingers after several rounds of acetone. Pretty, huh?

All in all, I think Nordstrom did a great job with its polish line and I'm likely to purchase more colors down the line. I'm looking forward to seeing what other colors they release in the future. 

How about you? What do you think of Nordstrom's polish line? Are you likely to pick up a few shades of your own? 


  1. I am so glad to hear that you like the Nordstrom polishes! I have been thinking about grabbing a few of them myself, but hadn't heard anyone say much about them yet. Lots of pretty color options too...

    1. They are definitely a good buy. You should certainly give them a try and get yourself the ones you've been eyeing!