Monday, March 4, 2013

Manicure Monday: Purple Glitter

Hello everyone and welcome to a new week, featuring a new manicure. This sparkly wonder is brought to you by Mr. Girly Things, who so excitedly walked in on Valentine's Day offering me two new nail polishes: both glitter.  He was so proud of himself for picking them out because, "They seemed like the two most Valentine's Day appropriate colors." I can just see him standing in front of the nail polish rack pouring over the choices, trying to determine which would most adequately represent the feeling of the day. It just melts my heart.

So, of the two he chose, both by Savina (available at Nordstrom Rack), the one you're seeing today was the one that turned out the best when actually worn and it's called (oh so appropriately) Purple Glitter. It's a micro-glitter polish with a clear base and silver, purple, and pink glitter. To get the glitter saturation you see in the photo, I had to apply three coats. At two coats, I had pretty decent saturation, but there were still some areas that were sparse on glitter.

As you can image, with that many coats of polish (three glitter and one top coat) my manicure didn't really stand the test of time. But that was OK, because it was really meant to just be a weekend mani. If you're a regular blog reader, then you know I'm not crazy about glitter polish, especially on all my nails because I simply feel like it's a bit too youthful for me. So, I was happy to give it a whirl, but it's definitely best for the laid back, fun attitude of the weekend.

Aside from how I normally feel about glitter polish, I actually kind of like this one. I think the color combination is really pretty and it looks sparkly and pretty when the light hits it. So, save this one for the record books, because there is one more glitter polish I actually like. Such a rarity.

If you prefer to wear glitter layered over other polishes, this polish will give you a really nice glitter saturation with one coat over a color base. Many of you liked my combination of Zoya Cynthia and Purple glitter when I posted it on Instagram and Facebook recently. If you missed it, check it out here (apologies for the bad lighting, it wasn't originally intended to be a blog photo):

I think that Purple Glitter will be a nice glitter to combine with a lot of my polishes since I tend to like purples and have amased a nice little collection of them.

Oh and for those of you curious about what the other nail polish my husband gave me for Valentine's Day, it was a glitter polish with chunky heart-shaped glitter and sparse micro glitter in a clear base. Sadly, no matter how much I try, I can't get any of the hearts on my nails when I apply the polish,  so it ends up being a clear coat with little flecks of glitter here and there. When applied over a color polish, then it just lends it a tiny amount of glitter here and there, nothing noticeable unless the light hits it. Here's a picture (by the way, the polish is called Hearts):

So, what do you guys think about Purple Glitter? Do you like it better alone or layered over a color base? Any suggestions for getting Hearts to apply better? Comment below and let me know!


  1. Hey to get your hearts to apply better.. pick them off of the nail polish brush with a toothpick similar to how you would a rhinestone and place it on your nail. :) hope this helps.