Monday, October 1, 2012

Manicure Monday: Neeka

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted a photo of Amethyst by Sinful Colors and I raved about how much I had missed painting my nails purple? Well, it seems that since that post, I haven't posted any purple polishes. What's crazy is that I've actually acquired quite a few more.

Well, today, I'm putting an end to that. Let there be no doubt that my love affair with purple wasn't a one-week fling. I really do love this color on my nails. To prove my fealty, I present to you one of my new purples, Zoya's Neeka. 

Isn't it gorgeous? It's a beautiful grey-toned amethyst with gold glitter flecks in it. Zoya says it also has red duo-chrome glitter, but I don't see it. To be fair, they do say it's subtle.  Now this is the way I prefer to do glitter -- understated. It's glittery without being too bubblegum flash. 

The polish goes on opaque, you barely need two coats. If there was a way to do a coat and a half, I may have tried to. Not streaking going on here either. 

I'm really diggin' the purple and gold color combo. What do you think of Neeka? What's your favorite shade of purple nail polish? 

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