Monday, September 24, 2012

Manicure Monday: Cynthia

It's a moody Monday and today's manicure helps vamp it all up. Zoya Cynthia is a gorgeous shade of nearly-black teal that's perfect for fall and winter's dark nail hues. If you love black polish as much as I do, but want to be able to change it up from time to time without giving up the chicness of an ├╝ber dark shiny polish, then Cynthia delivers.

It's such a dark teal you can scarcely tell the difference from far away. My husband certainly thought I was wearing black polish. But upon closer inspection, you can see the hints of blue and green. It's the nail equivalent to blue-black hair. You get it under the right light and the colors shine through to give you a pleasant surprise.

If you apply one thin coat, the teal is easier to spot, but then the polish is nearly see through and a bit streaky. Cynthia is meant to be a mysterious teal. She wants to surprise her admirers, so don't be stingy. Apply two coats for a shiny, smooth, opaque, patent-leather-like finish.

I'm happy to have Cynthia in my arsenal. Planning to keep this polish on a steady rotation. What do you think of this sultry teal? Do you like black polish? If so, will you consider nearly-black shades of polish as an alternative?

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