Monday, July 23, 2012

Manicure Monday: Kate

Ah, yes. Another swatch from my Julep Maven* subscription. I did warn you I got four polishes in the July box. I was super stoked about Daphne, since I love sea foam green polish. But I can't say I wasn't excited for Kate. Ever since I got Essie Marshmallow for my wedding, I've been a bit in love with white nail polish. 

Kate is more of a bright white creme. For the sake of comparison, Essie is more of a soft white. It's not opaque. You definitely need to build it up. Kate on the other hand, is an opaque white. It's definitely a starker color, like a new white t-shirt or a pair of socks in a Clorox commercial. It's basically the color I was trying to avoid for my nuptials since I wanted something more subdued. But I love it as an everyday attention-grabbing polish. You may think, it's just plain ol' white, but it's certainly not a boring color to wear on your hands. And I gotta say, it definitely doesn't look like I painted my nails using white out. 

What do you think? Are you partial to white polishes? 

*This is my personal link for Julep Maven sign up. When you use this link I get a credit in my Julep account. This is not something that is reserved special for me. Everyone who joins Julep Maven gets their own personal link they can share with others and when people sign up using your link, you can earn credits too. That is, if you decide to join.

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