Monday, April 25, 2011

Nordstrom Beauty Trend Event Haul

Event date: April 16
Cost: $15 (ticket cost could be used toward any beauty item purchased on day of event)
Time: 7 am - unknown (I left around 2 and it was still going strong)
What to expect: There was a fashion show and beauty show, lots and lots of opportunities to win prizes, excellent gift bags, loads of samples, brand reps and makeup artists to help you try out products (I visited the DDF booth for my "facial" and Nars to get my makeup done). There will be lots of people there, so it was a bit difficult to walk around, and samples go fast, so hit the booths you are interested in quickly (hint: take notes during the beauty show so you remember all the places you want to hit up). It's a sales event, so expect there to be a lot of selling going on. People will be working hard to convince you to buy their product, so go prepared. Have your budget set ahead of time, and stick to your guns. Be polite, but hold your ground, it's easy to become overwhelmed and want it all.

I loved this event and can't wait for it to happen again so I can be a part of it. This time, I'll know what to expect and hopefully will have an even better experience (although it will be hard to top winning a fabulous prize).


  1. Love this tan look on you and the nude lips are gorgeous!

  2. Thank you! It's all bottle tan :) and bronzing powder (gotta keep it safe!)